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\"This male Moaned at the very least This Loud\" is a memorable quote uttered by a man describing a auto accident in a drivers\" education and learning DVD video Love to Accelerate, which has actually been widely featured in remix videos top top YouTube.


In 2003, the DVD Love to Accelerate was released as part of the Speed & Aggression Toolkit released by The nationwide Road Safety foundation and dispersed by Ohio room of windy Safety. In the video, 2 drivers discuss a street gyeongju accident and the aftermath of the selections they\"ve made, together with eyewitnesses adding an ext depth come the tragedy. At approximately 2:44, a man imitates what the was prefer to hear an injured driver moan (shown below). On January 19th, 2012, YouTuber alloway7884 uploaded the full video.


On Oct 19th, 2015, the moaning segment of the video was reuploaded come YouTube.As component of the very viewed vital Videos playlist make by eljolto<1>, that has gained over 700,000 views. ~ above November 5th, Redditor SkoffMyWillie it is registered a post about the scene to /r/AccidentalComedy.<2>

On January 18th, 2016, the Spicy memes YouTube channel uploaded a remix the the Gamecube console loading display with the moan audio included (shown below, left). On august 12th, YouTuber kmlkmljkl uploaded a mashup that the moan scene v the music video for the 1986 rock track \"Livin\" on a Prayer\" by Bon Jovi (shown below, right).




Bev Standing sue the firm in may for unauthorized use of she voice in the app\"s text-to-speech feature.

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