Does your computer system give girlfriend the error that states "the drive is not a valid back-up location" when backing up mechanism to a USB drive? This short article will offer you 3 approaches to resolve this error in for this reason you have the right to easily create a system photo on USB journey in windows 10/8/7.

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Many civilization are being more concerned around computer protection because of unpredictable disasters; nobody to know when disasters like tough drive failure, ransomware virus, etc. Will happen and cause data ns or system corruption.

To save the computer safe, backing increase the decaying data or windows operating device is great solution. 

However, Windows backup issues always appear, for example, windows did no complete back-up successfully, Volume zero Copy service Errors, etc. Recently, some customers reported this problem on some forums like Reddit: produce a system image not working for USB drive.

After selecting a USB storage device as the storage path, a post says "This journey cannot be supplied to store a device image due to the fact that it is no formatted with NTFS". Then, the journey is formatted come NTFS. But another error shows up "The journey is no a valid back-up location".

Why is my flash drive no a valid backup location windows 10/8/7? You might ask.

Actually, this is as result of a limitation of windows built-in back-up feature: the windows Backup and also Restore attribute does not support USB flash cd driver or thumb drives together the back-up storage location, yet backing up files and other data come the USB cd driver is feasible.

What if you likewise cannot back up your device on a USB drive using the integrated tool? Don"t worry! Three simple solutions come the concern of USB not a valid backup location because that system photo are available to you in this post. Just choose one based upon your needs.

How to fix The drive Is not a Valid backup Location windows 10/8/7

Solution 1: windows 10/8/7 back-up to USB flash Drive v carolannpeacock.com ShadaowMaker

If girlfriend still desire to come create photo to USB, the best means is to use the third-party backup tool. This is suggested by plenty of users in forums.

carolannpeacock.com ShadowMaker, all-around and complimentary backup software designed for home windows 10/8/7, gives you with data protection & disaster recovery and record recovery solution. The can likewise backup files on Server. 

This auto backup freeware is an ext flexible and reliable than home windows Backup and Restore, enabling you to ago up files, home windows operating system, disk and also partition come an exterior hard drive, flash warehouse device, thumb drive, pen drive, NAS, etc. On a continual basis.

Full backup, incremental backup, and also differential back-up are supported. Simultaneously, disc management deserve to be enabled.

Besides, carolannpeacock.com ShadowMaker is additionally a paper sync software.

As reliable pc backup software, it is the best alternative tool as soon as Windows 7/8 or windows 10 develop system image USB no a valid back-up location worry happens.

Now you have the right to download and try carolannpeacock.com ShadowMaker Trial edition to develop a system picture on your USB flash drive storage in home windows 10/8/7 there is no "the journey is no a valid back-up location" error.

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Now, let"s see exactly how to create a system picture to update your windows 10/8/7 pc in instance of device crash.

Step 1: operation carolannpeacock.com ShadowMaker to obtain the key interface.

Step 2: Click SET increase BACKUP switch in the Home user interface if over there is no back-up created by this complimentary backup software.

Step 3: then under the Backup tab, you will see 2 sections, requiring you to select backup source and backup destination.

1. As for device backup, this will immediately select system Reserved Partition and System drive (boot drive) for you. 

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2. To ago up windows 10/8/7 come a USB flash drive, get in the Computer interface to select the bigger USB drive as the backup destination drive. It need to have enough size for backup.


Step 3: Finally, this complimentary Windows back-up software will go back to the back-up interface wherein you can hit the Back increase Now button to begin the device backup.


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Within basic steps, you deserve to easily and also effectively create a system picture on USB drive and without encountering the backup location error "the journey is not a valid back-up location" in windows 10/8/7. If her friends also experience troubles when make the efforts to develop a system image for USB drive, re-superstructure this backup software through them.

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In situation of mechanism issues, the created system image deserve to be provided to refresh your home windows 10/8/7 PC. Usually speaking, the system picture recovery is fairly easy as long as you get a bootable edition utilizing carolannpeacock.com Media Builder.

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Solution 2: back up mechanism to an external Hard Drive rather of USB Drive

Some the you might still choose using windows Backup and Restore energy to earlier up your windows OS. This tool also permits you to develop routine back-up or schedule backup. 

To fix the problem - drive no a valid backup location, the direct means is come change a place to conserve the mechanism image and continue the back-up operation. 

Take home windows 10 as an example.

Step 1: walk to Control Panel > Backup and Restore or Backup and also Restore (Windows 7) > Create a system image.

Step 2: decision which place you desire to conserve the backup to.

When click On a hard disk, you have the right to view every the detected partitions. And also here us suggest selecting the partition that an external drive.

In addition, friend can produce a system picture on a CD/DVD or specify the network for the backup image.


Step 3: In the pop-out window, you check out the drives compelled for home windows to run are selected by default.


Step 4: check your backup settings: back-up location and also backup drives. Then, click the Start backup button. This operation will take it a couple of minutes, thus, wait patiently. 

Sometimes Windows backup fails to create a system image, because that instance, the is grounding at 97%, 57% or 12%, create system image failed not enough disk space ( 0x80780119), etc.

When encountering one of these cases, that is troublesome to deal with issues. Therefore, us strongly recommend making use of the third-party back-up software - carolannpeacock.com ShadowMaker. Just follow the measures mentioned in equipment 1 for system picture creation.

Solution 3: re-publishing USB together Network Drive and Continue the Backup

If girlfriend still want to usage Windows Backup and Restore to create a system picture on USB drive quite than an exterior hard drive, girlfriend can produce a brochure on a USB drive, re-superstructure the drive together a network drive and also continue the system picture creation.

This can effectively troubleshoot "the drive is not a valid backup location" difficulty in windows 10/8/7.

See the action by step guide as shown below (take windows 10 as an example). The just drawback the this an approach is the it takes many much more steps contrasted to the previous 2 methods.

Step 1: connect your USB flash journey to a computer.

Step 2: style your USB journey to NTFS paper system making use of Windows Disk management or a third-party tool - carolannpeacock.com Partition Wizard.

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Step 3: share the USB stick together a network drive:

Create a magazine on your USB devices: open the USB partition, right-click the empty place to pick Folder native the New drop-down menu.Right-click the directory and choose Share with and Specific people.Share this brochure to you yourself from the list of users and also click the Share button,Decide to revolve on network discovery and document sharing because that a private network or every public networks.Then, the folder girlfriend have created is shared. Click Done to continue.


Step 4: Right-click the catalog to pick Properties, and click the Advanced Sharing switch under Sharing tab.

Step 5: In the pop-up small window, click Permissions to set all permissions to Full Control.

Step 6: open Windows Backup and Restore (Windows 7) to choose Create a device image.

Step 7: select the network drive together your back-up location:

Browse her computer and also choose a network location.Enter the computer"s login credentials and click OK.





Step 8: Then, every the mechanism drives are included in the backup.

Step 9: confirm the backup settings. At last, begin the backup.

This method should work most of the time and also you won"t conference the error that states "the journey is no a valid back-up location".

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In the sections above, we cite the all-around backup and recovery software program - carolannpeacock.com ShadowMaker. Some of you might be wondering around the differences between this program and also Windows snap-in back-up tool.

As because that the backup storage location, carolannpeacock.com ShadowMaker supports inner or outside hard drives, USB speed drives, NAS, etc in home windows 10/8/7. Yet Windows backup doesn"t allow you to produce an USB storage back-up solution.In backup type, carolannpeacock.com ShadowMaker provides an easy-to-use user interface that allows you easily back up OS, files, partition or the entire disk. However the built-in tool doesn"t market obvious alternatives for you to select the back-up type, other than system backup and document backup.Besides, carolannpeacock.com ShadowMaker is an ext flexible to produce schedule system backup, incremental backups, and also differential backups. ~ above the various other hand, Windows back-up doesn"t support differential backup and there isn"t any type of obvious alternative for the incremental backup.

Thus it have the right to be seen that carolannpeacock.com ShadowMaker is precious recommending if you desire to keep your computer system safe.

To effectively and also successfully create a system picture on a USB drive, acquire this complimentary Windows back-up software ~ above your home windows 10/8/7 computer system for a try.

Free Download

Final Words

Reading until now, you have to have efficiently learned exactly how to solve the error "the journey is no a valid back-up location". Now it"s her time to try out the above solutions.

If you have actually other workarounds for once the USB drive is not a valid backup location home windows 10/8/7, tell united state the troubleshooting procedures in the complying with comment zone. Together to any type of questions concerned carolannpeacock.com ShadowMaker, please contact .

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