It’s crazy the it’s already November. That feels choose the loss semester/quarter simply started the other day, and here i am now, still a warm mess. I can’t to speak ‘time management’ has constantly been my solid suit. In fact, I’ll to speak right currently that it’s never been my strong suit. EVER. Seriously. Like, ever.

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I’ve concerned realize and truly know that procrastination brings unneeded stress and anxiety. Constantly capturing up top top one point after one more is exhausting, and also it reasons me to it is in even an ext tired the next day. It’s just a vicious cycle that goes on and on without ever really improving.

So i made an agreement with myself to do better. I understand what she thinking, “Easier stated than done,” and it’s exactly that. It’s not easy, however I’ve to be making renovations slowly, however surely.

I’ve begun to treasure my rarely minutes or hour together an possibility to catch up top top what ns missed. Since I procrastinated these past few weeks, ns won’t yes, really be may be to fully enjoy Thanksgiving break through my family. I’ll absolutely be eating an ext food than half my weight, however it’s essentially going to it is in all around playing record up.

So here are 5 things I’m going to be recording up on

Readings for Class


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It is a daily struggle because that me come able come sit under for a couple of hours, open up my books for classes, and get v assigned readings. I’d obviously lot rather be doing various other things. Unfortunately, that can take a rotate for the worst every day when I say, “I’ll simply read tomorrow.”

My 2nd round of midterms are approaching, which way I have to read during the break and also that I’m no hating myself as soon as it come time to study for tests.

Research for a group Project


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I’m in a course that requires a group project presentation at the end of the quarter. Luckily the class has “milestone” deadlines that help keep us on track. I’m going to have to do some study over the break, though, come make certain I’m no scrambling to obtain my part of the task finished through the project due day at the finish of the quarter.

Applying come Scholarships/Internships


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It’s element deadline time for some internships and also scholarships. For this reason I’ll be perfect applications and writing essays due to the fact that I don’t usually have time to throughout school. I most likely should have actually started earlier, though. #sadlyfe

Editing A Video


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I’m the Assistant video Producer at our university’s student-run newspaper. I perform a the majority of scheduling shoots and managerial job-related for our staffers. Taking treatment of mine staffers’ shoots and also making sure deadlines room met provides it harder for me to modify videos because that my an individual projects. I have to finish editing and enhancing my uncle’s wedding video that should’ve to be done a long time ago. YIKES. Luckily, he’s been really understanding. So having to finish editing and enhancing that video over rest is a priority. 



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Is it feasible to to speak you’ve procrastinated top top sleep? fine I’m going to say that it is due to the fact that I require IT. Despite I have actually things to take treatment of (as discussed above), my health and wellness is the most important. I’m the type of human being who likes to keep busy, however when the takes a tole on my health, it’s not worth all the rushing from suggest A to allude B, and also skipping meals. So i’m going to be responsible and do what I should do, but additionally take some time come recharge and unwind.

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What have actually you procrastinated ~ above until fall break? join me in the struggle.

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