Often named amongst the most liveable tiny towns in Connecticut, eastern Lyme contains the sweet seaside village of Niantic in that south-east corner.

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Niantic has actually attracted holidaymakers because that well end a century, and has sandy beaches tucked snugly into bays on east Lyme’s indented shoreline.

At the Niantic only Boardwalk you can linger for an hour or two v a book or just soak increase the widescreen see of the bay.

There’s one more beautiful lookout at McCook Park flanked through two more sandy beaches, and also on the south-west next of eastern Lyme is Rocky Neck, v nature-rich wetlands and also yet one more glorious beach.

Let’s check out the finest things to carry out in and around eastern Lyme:

1. Niantic bay Boardwalk

Posted by Niantic Boardwalk onMonday, 4 might 2020

Possibly the ideal place come pause next to lengthy Island Sound in every one of Connecticut, the Niantic just Boardwalk curls approximately from “The Guy” in the east to Hole-in-the-Wall coast in the west.

For the first half the this 1.1-mile promenade the boardwalk edge a sandy beach that will look an extremely enticing ~ above a clear day in summer.

This ar is a true boardwalk, in the sense that it carries you over dunes, if the western fifty percent is a gravel path over the rocks, with the waters of lengthy Island Sound break a few feet away.

There room benches all follow me the method if you require a break, and also Niantic’s adorable main Street is simply behind for shopping and also dining.

2. Rocky Neck State Park

Source: Brendan van boy / shutterstockRocky Neck State Park

Bounded come the east by a salt marsh and also to the west by the tidal Fourmile River, Rocky Neck is a scenic tract of seaside land the was safeguarded in the at an early stage 1930s once it was purchased by conservationists and also sold to the state.

In summer the park’s appeal is obvious, because that the crescent-shaped sandy beach, completely totally free of stones and also sloping gently into the clear waters the the Sound.

There’s additionally compelling history, and Ellie Mitchell Pavilion (1936), a works Progress management project because that jobseekers.

Composed of local timber and also granite, this the biggest structure indigenous the Depression era in Connecticut.

Around the salt marsh and also tidal zone top top the park’s margins you deserve to head turn off on trails come look for herons, cranes and mute swans in fall, while the osprey is a splendid summer visitant worth maintaining an eye the end for, catching herring in the park’s Bride Brook.

3. McCook Park Beach

Source: dmcoxe / Flickr | CC BYMcCook Park Beach

At the western finish of the Niantic only Boardwalk is McCook Park Beach, which encompasses the bluffs of McCook Point, and also the two sand beaches either side of it.

The floor belonged to the McCook family, descendants of the Union military chaplain man James McCook, till 1953. McCook allude is the website of their summer home, wherein there are currently lawns fringed by copper beeches.

From the suggest you can survey lengthy Island Sound, and also make out Orient suggest at the height of long Island.

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, there’s several room to spread out out top top McCook point Beach and also Hole-in-the-Wall Beach, although friend will have to buy a day pass to visit and this deserve to be pricey.

4. Florence Griswold Museum

Source: annasinfinityart / Flickr | public Domain MarkFlorence Griswold Museum

Above the Lieutenant river in Old Lyme, the regal Georgian mansion that Florence Griswold (1850-1937) came to be the focal point for the Impressionist Old Lyme Art swarm at the rotate of the 20th century.

Scores the artists stayed with Florence in the time, including Childe Hassam, Willard Metcalf, Matila Browne, Breta and Lydia Longacre and also Wilson Irvine, come name simply a few.

Every artist who went to the swarm was invite to paint a panel in the house, and these full 43, many of which room on show in the dining room.

The home later ended up being a museum, with extra exhibition space listed by the Krieble Gallery, which opened up in 2002 and holds exhibitions that adjust up to 4 times a year.

The museum has actually a significant endowment of Impressionist, landscape and contemporary painting through artists choose Hassam, Milton Avery, Matilda Browne, frederic Church and also Edward Francis Rook.

5. The publication Barn

Rainy days are a special type of magic #bookbarnniantic

Posted by The publication Barn onFriday, 3 July 2020

A wonderland because that bibliophiles, the publication Barn is a 2nd hand bookstore with three locations throughout Niantic, every on key Street.

In 2019 over there were more than 350,000 publications at the publication Barn, however this tremendous library will have actually grown also by the time you review this.

The quaint main Barn sits just west the Niantic, when there’s a Downtown Shop by the Niantic Cinema, and Chapter three is a bit further out of town on West main Street.

Such is the size of the main Barn the there’s an details booth at the entrance, v brochures to assist you discover your way.

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Helpful staff deserve to also suggest you in the appropriate direction, and also if you get overwhelmed there’s cost-free tea, coffee, cocoa, cookies and also crackers to revive you.

6. Children’s Museum the Southeastern Connecticut

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