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"They play us like a cursed fiddle!" is a memorable quote indigenous the 2014 action-adventure video clip game Metal gear Solid V: floor Zeroes stated by the sustaining character Kazuhira Miller<1> come the protagonist, big Boss.

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In the main campaign of Ground Zeroes, Kazuhira "Kaz" miller (voiced by Robin Atkin Downes)<2> is introduced as second-in-command for the private military corporation Militaires Sans Frontières (MSF) who oversees his superior"s mission while prepare its offshore stronghold (known as mom Base) because that an upcoming inspection from the joined Nations. However, upon the completion of large Boss" mission, the investigate is revealed to have been a Trojan steed for a surprise attack on mommy Base, which records the MSF soldiers off guard and also sinks the base to the bottom that the ocean. Despite he barely escapes through his life, miller rendezvouses with big Boss and also tries to define the situation, in ~ which time that utters the previously mentioned quote.

Upon the game"s relax in march 2014, the quote, together with Downes"s shipment of it, conveniently gained notoriety because that its obtuse location in such a serious dialogue, soon giving rise come a collection of digital mockeries on Metal equipment fan forums. IGN columnist Lucy O"Brien criticize the video game as being fraught v "gaudy dialogue,"<3>, referencing the quote as an example. When later on asked about the heat in one interview, Downes joked that "You’re around to watch some major music coming out of Kaz in the following game. Fiddling is simply the beginning of it."<4>


As at an early stage as in march 10th, civilization on 4chan"s /v/ (video games) board started poking fun at the weird quote. On in march 22nd, a user posted a thread about the controversial referrals to rape in the game. Partway through the thread, users started posting derivatives of the quote using the design template "They X"d us prefer a cursed Y!"<5> The quote explosive in popularity on /v/ adhering to this.

On in march 21st, SoundCloud user F1NG3RS uploaded a remix that the scene, title "They played Us like A damn Fiddle (F1NG3RS MGSV Bitch Remix)".<6> 2 days later on March 23rd, that uploaded it come YouTube under the username F1NG3RSMUSIC (shown below, left), which garnered end 21,000 views and much more than 840 likes. Urged by the confident reception the the the remix, F1NG3RSMUSIC released an extensive version on march 31st (shown below, right).

On march 24th, F1NG3RSMUSIC likewise posted a screen record of a very comparable quote claimed by large Boss in the prequel title Metal gear Solid: tranquility Walker via his Tumblr blog.<7>


Meanwhile on Reddit, the quote started to get momentum on /r/metalgearsolid/ after Redditor SleepingInsomniac submitted a link to YouTuber F1NG3RSMUSIC"s remix video clip on march 27th.<8> ~ above April 1st, one more thread featuring an image of Kazuhira Miller play a violin was posted.<9>


Also that very same day, Tumblr user sciencejuice0 perform a comedic fiddle-based monologue based upon Miller"s lines native the upcoming sequel (Metal equipment Solid V: The Phantom Pain), attach by music from claimed game.

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<10> The audio attained end 230 notes over the food of five days. Top top April 3rd, Twitter user lastcody took a photo of a Kazuhira Miller action figure in a similar position come the character"s portrayal in Ground Zeroes.