If you require the lightest camping cot ~ above the market, this new Therm-a-Rest UltraLite Cot testimonial is because that you. Below you deserve to read around the modified version of the well-known award-winning cot i m sorry Therm-a-Rest that has actually been redesigned recently.

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Key benefits

The lightest camping bed top top the market, 1.19 kg (2.625 lb).The ultra-light variant is only 2 lb (907 g).Very versatile.Various alternatives and sizes available.Thermal reflective coating.

Redesigned Therm-a-Rest UltraLite Cot

What is new

The first thing girlfriend will an alert is the brand-new light-green bed color (they call it Reflect Green), and also the second is the new design of legs (or must I usage the hatchet feet?). In the previous variation which is still available on the market, these legs were circular and also the shade was gray.

In the brand-new model, the foot are nearly semi-circular, see the picture:

New Therm-a-Rest UltraLite Cot because that 2017 season.

The new model has what they contact ThermaCapture, a reflective coating great on the underside of the bed towel which is over there to assist retain her body’s radiant heat. It is visible in one snapshot below.

The bring bag is also redesigned to make the packed cot even much more compact.

They have actually made it very comfortable, and above all the brand-new UltraLite Cot is the lightest, most compact cot on the market. It deserve to be lessened to 2 pounds only (907 grams). I shall define this a bit an ext below.

All aspects needed for typical setup. Observe 2 dual bows in the middle.
This is exactly how you add legs, no tools space required.What is included

The package includes:

A nice lug bag with zipper, watch the picture.Bed fabric.2 shock-corded next poles, each through 6 sections.12 feet.8 yellow and also 8 green brief bow poles.

In the video below, you will see just how this all becomes a nice and also comfortable camping bed.


All elements collapsed and also ready for the bring bag.

So countless feet help to distribution the body weight and also to minimization cot feet wear and tent floor abrasion. But they also sell independently the Therm-a-Rest Cot Coasters if you feeling you require them for tent floor protection, see them provided with the vault version through circular feet, lock will work with the new design together well:

Therm-a-Rest Cot Coasters.

Standard and also Lightweight setup

In both cases, for the R and also L bed, you deserve to have different combinations of bows used. This affect the weight of course, for this reason this ultra-lightweight cot deserve to be made even lighter.

At Therm-a-Rest website they claim it can be as light as 2 pounds just (907 g). So, you have actually two setups:


In the video below friend will view all details; for the standard setup they recommend 2 twisted bows used in the central zone because the most weight is there, and also 4 solitary bows top top the head and feet zones. Keep in mind that each bow has 2 poles, one green and one yellow.

For the Lightweight setup, you have the right to use 4 single bows, which means 4 yellow and also 4 green short poles. If friend feel lost in these numbers, no worry, that is all self-evident, and you will watch it in the video. Note that this Lightweight setup support up to 175 lb (79 kg).

They case set increase is under 3 minutes, I would say you need to practice a little to accomplish such timing.

Note the following: if you space a particularly hefty person girlfriend can include two extra bows, there are places to add them. Also, girlfriend can add extra short poles and create much more twist bows (twist bows space in fact double bows together you will watch from the video). In too much cases, you deserve to use only twist bows, for this reason the volume of this cot have the right to be boosted dramatically.

See this quite short video clip by Therm-a-Rest where the setup procedure is presented in detail, because that both setups:

Who is that for

They describe this cot as designed for campers, backpackers, fisherman, or kayakers. Ns would include this is because that anybody that needs more back assistance outdoor, as contrasted with what you gain from an simple pad.

This is an ultra-lightweight tool, very packable and portable, for this reason you can put that on your motorcycle if you are on a tour throughout the country. No pad can offer such an off-the-ground comfort together a cot.

If you space a UL backpacker, probably you will not consider this device as an alternative for you, yet many civilization are using it, part for several years already, and also they insurance claim they would certainly not get ago and sleep on the floor again.

This cot packs to such a small size so that storing it at house for sudden overnight guest is no a trouble at all.

A bit much more about versatility

♦ This is a cot which have the right to be supplied in a tent simply like any kind of other camping bed. But Therm-a-Rest agency has also its own LuxuryLite Cot bug Shelter which deserve to be supplied with this UltraLite Cot.

In such a combination, the cot serves as a platform for the net shelter, you can see much more if you follow the link over (note, the instance in the linked text is through some previously existing cot native the exact same brand, check out the picture below, but this brand-new cot have the right to be supplied the exact same way).

Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite Cot bug Shelter – this have the right to be used in addition to the UltraLite Cot.

♦ The cot have the right to be used along with the mentioned pest Shelter and with the Therm-a-Rest sun Shield, see just how this watch like:

Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite Cot sun Shield.

♦ Similarly, the cot deserve to be used in addition to the Therm-a-Test tent in a combination recognized as tent-cot, see below how this looks choose with the vault cot from the exact same brand, click the photo to walk to my complete review:

Therm-a-Rest Cot tent – again the UltraLite Cot have the right to be offered as the platform for the tent.

My rating, pros & cons

With 72 inch (183 cm) because that the regular size, it is indeed short for numerous people. Therefore you might have to take into consideration the big version. Check likewise some bigger models from other brands, like this good and an extremely affordable Terra Hiker Cot.

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The daily updated price is given in the link. Note also this is an Amazon element product therefore you deserve to have the shipped for free.See how I price this cot concerning its assorted properties: