There was a HOLE here. It's gone now.

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Topic. Seen it referenced in obscure places all around the internet, never making a huge fuss but often lurking in the background. I couldn"t find an article, so I ask you thus: Meme?


I had no clue what you were talking about, so I figured I would take 2 seconds to move my fat fingers over the keyboard and conjure up the fortitude to read for 5 minutes.

From what I can tell, that"s the title of a song from the soundtrack for Silent Hill, and as such, people have quoted it, talked about it, and created some youtube videos set to it, or playing it.

Is it a meme? That depends on how badly you want to cram it into that context. Nearly everything is a meme in some way or another as long as people are imitating and sharing one-to-one. Whether or not it"s relevant to internet culture is another argument entirely.

Sorry for not being more specific.

* comes from that bizarrely and inexplicably placed phrase near the beginning of Silent Hill 2, as seen above. The phrase"s lack of explanation and seeming mystique sparked debates on its meaning many years after the game was released. No one quite knows to this day exactly what it means or why it was put there, and the phrase itself has, due to the abundance of discussion and focus relating to it, propagated beyond game forums and spread to locations throughout the internet.


I love that game, I love that quote but I don"t clearly see how it can be a meme here.I mean, in many games and movies, obscure parts of scenarii are often discussed on forums when the clues aren"t given, an I"ve seen many theories about tiny details centred only on the Silent Hill games.As much as I would love to see a meme arise from Silent Hill, I don"t know about this one.

Believe me, I wouldn"t have brought this up if it had remained as a forum topic or stayed in its local niche. The reason I believe this has the potential to be a meme is because, as I have said, the phrase itself has, due to the abundance of discussion and focus relating to it, propagated beyond game forums and spread to locations throughout the internet. I"ve found it in many places totally unrelated to Silent Hill, and have seen it spread to a great deal of the internet.

When it"s been used in locations other than game forums, is the phrase used as a reference to the video game, or has it taken on a new meaning?

It often just pops up with no explanation. As for where I"ve seen it, I can"t remember exactly where I"ve found it, but I"ve definitely seen it in a multitude of varied places. The only recent place I"ve seen it (the one that set off this inspiration) was in a walkthrough for Okami, but as I"ve said, you find it all over the place.

Techercize: Link or it didn"t happen, please.And, as Chris stated, did the context of that catchphrase was explained or not ?

All right tom. Here"s a quick google dump; quality may vary.

Honestly, it"s just one of those phrases that you run across in random places; it"s rarely actually focused upon and discussed outside of Silent Hill, making it pretty hard to pin down, but the manner in which it has permeated the internet as a whole makes it potentially memetic (In my opinion).

Thank you techercizer.So, from what I can tell, the reddit page is about a piano version of the OC remix "There was a hole here", remix from Akira Yamaoka"s "True", one of Silent Hill 2 soundtrack.The Facebook group is clearly a reference to the game with the screenshot from it.

Concerning the Penny Arcade forum post and the door picture from "minimum safe distance", I think the Silent Hill reference is still present.

I"ll try to dig a little on it to see what I can find.

For what it"s worth, here"s the GameFAQs Okami guide that made me decide to research this phrase in the first place: ; probably a bit too video-game related to be useful, though.

I"m liking the first two of skratch"s links.

So you"re saying that we should refuse to catalog or collect information on what could potentially be an important part of internet culture, which is the whole purpose of this site, because this site has a lot of opportunities for research and improvement…? With that logic, Wikipedia might as well stop allowing new articles to be made until all their current ones reach featured status.

It"s not like the whole site will be forced to drop everything and slave over every detail of this meme; I"ll probably wind up writing the page myself.

No what I am saying is that we got some many articles unfinished that its starting to annoy me, and I fear this one would end up the same.

If unfinished articles annoy you, maybe you should help finish them? Alternatively, you could just not look at unfinished articles if they really bug you.

True, but I lack the skills to really do it, so I don"t want to mess it up.

And yeah your right we could view it, but in general its not considered a meme till approved, but really I wish we stop putting it on the staff.

Here"s a Google Insights graph for the phrase.

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Its encouraging that the phrase has had a repeated and sustained spike after the initial (presumably related to the game"s release) one. There could still be an external source for the second spike, though.