The porch sitters quickly take up day-to-day residence ~ above the porch that Joe"s store. There, they happiness in accusing dimwitted Matt Bonner that mistreating his yellow mule. Matt and his mule become a favourite topic that conversation and also teasing, and also the porch sitters vie with one an additional in tantalizing Matt, accusing him of overworking and almost starving the animal. Janie listens to the talk and also is amused by it. She has actually in mind part comical story she"d like to tell, but Joe forbids she to take part in the chatter. That calls the people trashy, unworthy the conversation with the mayor"s wife.

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One afternoon, the men engage in a game of mule-baiting. In a natural protective reaction, the mule fights back, but the much more the animal resists, the an ext the men tease him. Finally, Janie mutters her disapproval, i beg your pardon Joe overhears. In a surprising act the kindness, both because that the mule and also for Janie, he purchases the animal. From climate on, it i do not care the town pet, life in the front yard of the store and also rambling about at will, top a life of ease and freedom. Joe has actually done an action of unselfishness because that Janie.

The mule lastly dies that old age, and the townspeople stage an elaborate mock funeral service prior to they leaving the carcass come buzzards. Joe joins in the hilarious parody, yet Janie go what Joe tells her to do: She continues to be in the store. When Joe returns, still chuckling in ~ the foolishness, they briefly discuss the duty of fun and play in the serious organization of survival and daily living.

One day, Joe discovers the a invoice of distribution has been misplaced and a wanted item is no in stock. The berates Janie severely, and also she tries come answer v comments around his own deficiencies. As usual, Joe prevails, and also Janie offers up make the efforts to safeguard herself. Thus, Joe is satisfied with her evident submission.

On a day when every little thing goes not correct in the kitchen, Joe slaps Janie. In ~ this moment, Janie knows beyond any kind of doubt and also hope the this marriage will never be what she wants. Every she deserve to do is summon the courage to placed on a good face and also endure it.

Joe goes through the movements of being type to a customer, perhaps due to the fact that he can"t be sort to Janie. He help Mrs. Tony, a city parasite and slovenly housekeeper, gain some groceries for she family. The porch sitters watch the scene and remark that the woman"s husband loves her and also puts up v her faults, one observation lost on Joe.


Mock debates on pseudo-serious subjects, such as those about the mule, discovered in this chapter regularly occupy the porch sitters as they battle to recognize their position in the world. They additionally serve together a form of entertainment because that the porch sitters. These discussions perform not involve Janie, Joe, or even the city of Eatonville, but they aid characterize the males and carry out an interlude of local color.

Joe"s domination over Janie continues. As the porch sitters share gossip and also conversation, Janie longs come take part in this idle chatter, yet Joe forbids her to associate v such "trashy people." as a an outcome of his jealousy, he continues to forbid Janie from showing her hair in the store. Joe feels intimidated that another man can steal Janie, his possession, away from him. (Perhaps Joe feels even more vulnerable since he in reality stole Janie native Logan Killicks.) Joe believes the "she to be there in the save for him come look at, not the others." Janie, prefer the bulk of the city is a possession, owned by Joe.

In this chapter, lot of the conversation among the porch sitters centers on Matt Bonner"s helpless mule. As soon as the guys torture the animal, the mule fights, yet the males only tease that more. The mule serves to symbolize Janie and also her struggle with Joe. Just as the mule has been starved indigenous food, Janie has actually been denied love and affection from Joe. Joe needs Janie"s finish compliance and also he proceeds to overcome her.

Janie finally realizes that her marriage to Joe is a sham, but she additionally realizes that she has actually no method out. Once Joe slaps Janie sooner or later after his dinner falls short to meet his expectations, Janie"s "image of tumbled down and shattered." Janie knows now much more than ever that she should endure her husband and also his abuse.

In this chapter, Janie speak out against the torturing of the mule. She believes the "people chandelier to have actually some regard for helpless things." choose the mule, Janie, too, feel helpless in her marital relationship to Joe. Each time the Janie attempts to stand as much as her husband, he just makes she life more challenging by ridiculing or hurting her. Joe has suppressed her so numerous times the she has actually stopped speaking she mind. Joe holds every one of the power, and also Janie has actually none.

The use of irony is additionally evident in chapter 6. Close to the finish of the chapter, Joe treats Mrs. Tony v sympathy and kindness, also though he can not be compassionate to his very own wife. Perhaps Joe treats Mrs. Tony with compassion since the townspeople are existing to witness his plot of kindness. With Janie, Joe has no audience, and also so that feels no have to pretend.


. . . And also yo" feet ain"t mates In the very first part that Matt"s response, he does miscellaneous that commonly occurs in people speech: He equates the guy Sam through a lie. "You"se a lie, Sam," he says, including "Yo" feet ain"t mates," meaning that Sam is not placed together right and also hence can"t be believed.

Feeds "im offa "come up" and seasons that wid raw-hide This is a way of saying the the pet is no well fed. "Come up" would be a promise — who is wait for something to come up, a job, for example. Rawhide is untanned cattle skin, definitely not very palatable for male or beast. Rawhide is also a product used because that whips.

rub board The old-fashioned galvanized or glass washing board was in common use prior to washing machines became economically available.

before de ornery varmit might tack a sailing and also boating term, continuous with the solid wind the was blowing during this episode. Come a sailor, "tack" means to turn the bow come the wind. The mule wasn"t fast enough to turn and also run right into the wind in search of the children.

Say you began tuh Miccanopy but de mule . . . Miccanopy is a tiny community northwest that Eatonville. The man didn"t really know where he to be going.

Folks up dat way don"t eat biscuit bread however once a week Biscuits need to be make of white wheat flour, something better than cornmeal. Cornmeal is the clip of the poor, provided in corn bread, corn pone, hush puppies, cornmeal mush, and a organize of various other stomach-filling items. Biscuits room special and also an indication of some prosperity.

side-meat Matt bought next meat by the slice. Side meat is meat indigenous the next of a pig, particularly bacon or salt pork. In Joe"s store, it would certainly be sold by the slab to be sliced at residence by the purchaser or sliced and weighed in the store. This is another indication the Matt"s poor or ignorance — or both.

fractious tough to manage; unruly; rebellious; also, peevish; irritable; cross.

goosing a sudden, happy prod in the backside.

black gaiters ankle-high shoes v elastic gores in ~ the sides. Because that Joe, they would be a classy sort of houseslipper.

crazy as a betsy bug a variation of "crazy together a bed bug," bug of a household (Cimicidae) the wingless, bloodsucking hemipteran insects, especially the species (Cimex lectularius) with a broad, level reddish-brown body and an unpleasant odor that infests beds, furniture, walls, and also so on, is active mainly at night, and may transmit a variety of diseases.

you didn"t have gumption "Gumption" is shrewdness in valuable matters; usual sense.

Drag him the end to the leaf of the hammock a precarious ar to be because a hammock tips really easily once the occupant gets also close to the edge.

No Matt Bonner through plow lines Plow lines manage an animal. Now that the mule is dead, he will certainly no much longer be hitched come the plow.

Ah knowed you would going tuh to crawl up documents holler In other words, ns knew the you to be going to take it that route in the discussion. Sam will "smoke out" Lige in his rebuttal. The 2 men interact in regular and also predictable arguments. Every one to know pretty fine what the other one will certainly say, but every one of this is component of the entertainment on the porch that the store.

uh butt-headed cow a stubborn pet that won"t perform what that owner wants it to do.

dat good big ole scoundrel beast up dere The speak is introduce to a photo of an enormous dinosaur top top a billboard proclaiming the Sinclair Oil Company. A dinosaur was the logo design of Sinclair and was prominently displayed at your filling stations. In all likelihood, the males do not know it is a dinosaur.

Daisy is go a north tune The north is the vital percussion tool in a musical group. It sets the tempo. Daisy is walking through the stylish snap of a precision solo drummer — and she to know it!

a "studied jury" Educational sources were limited for this community, and also there to be very few men v college degrees in legislation or medication — or also the ministry. In Mules and Men, Hurston has a character say, "You see as soon as Ah was studyin" medical professional . . ." conversely, a male or woman might get a "call" to the ministry, the path to informal regulation or medication was self-study or possibly apprenticeship with a practitioner.

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Sam Watson, you"se mah fish a an excellent catch — no an north hook because that the fisherman or woman. Joe plans to beat Sam at checkers — the is capture him like a fish ~ above his hook.