10 things You Didn't Know about The Wrong way To usage Healing Magic The Wrong method to use Healing Magic is an isekai blended with fantastical elements. Right here are 10 things you didn"t know around the manga series.

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the wrong method to use healing magic
The premise that The Wrong means to usage Healing Magic is fairly interesting. It begins v an isekai-like premise of two students being sucked right into a fantasy civilization as an effective heroes. ~ above the various other hand, Usato gets taken along for the ride as the 3rd wheel. It"s a cliche storyline, however the manga manages to it is in unique.

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A huge reason is the the isekai premise is thrown out the window after about ten chapters or so, and the plot focuses an ext on the world they space in. It leader to a depths and much more enriched world with lots of interesting tidbits.

the wrong method to usage healing magic
It"s no a hidden feat in the manga, however one that deserve to be quickly missed. This is no something the manga harps top top a lot, unlike Naruto, whereby the main character"s capability to sway others is among his major skills.

Usato"s to be able to bring a grizzly cub ~ above his side after help it avenge that is family"s death at the hands of a huge snake and managed something similar with the black color Knight. The black color Knight had been the first arc"s major villain, just to change sides after Usato verified compassion.

the wrong way to use healing magic
one of the ideal parts that the manga is that it doesn"t have actually the healers be frail or weak to physical attacks. Castle aren"t all the types who stay in the earlier and mend your comrades when needing defense themselves.

Both Rose and Usato room monsters in the strength department and also two the the strongest personalities there are. A huge reason why is their training regiment is far much more intensive 보다 anything the knights do.

the wrong method to use healing magic
if the collection isn"t all that long, the does a good job of avoiding their villains gift too comparable to one another. No one of the major arc villains therefore far have been anything like the others.

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The black Knight"s sole objective was to enjoy a an excellent fight, caring very small about the war in between the demons and the kingdom. Mina meanwhile wanted to make use of the discrimination of healers come her advantage to store Nack under she thumb. Nea only has an attention in Usato as she stimulates her. Castle all also fight totally differently.

7 The Story Doesn"t Revolve about One Character

the wrong method to usage healing magic
Normally, a story will constantly have a central figure to it, and also Usato absolutely fits that bill here, however he isn"t the sole focus. The doesn"t always get the kills, nor is every villain the end to get him.

His two companions acquire plenty of display time in the first arc the the series, and Nack is nearly the main character of the 2nd arc together it centers approximately him and also Mina"s relationship. The moving of prominence is interesting and allows everyone to have depth.

There room times in manga that a personalities defining trait can be therefore overdone the it gets to the suggest of gift obnoxious. A good example would certainly be the friendship powerups that Fairy Tail would always give or also Vegeta"s pride in Dragon Ball.

That never happens through Usato, as his decision is provided in an practically endearing fashion, especially with the training he undergoes under Rose. It"s never made into an I-win button or continuous crutch.

5 Racism Is prevalent In The Kingdom, regardless of Them Being seen as The an excellent Faction

It"s constantly a an excellent thing once the resident good faction has actually faults of their own, make it, so they aren"t squeaky clean. It opens up up fun storytelling avenues that the series took advantage of through the arcs adhering to the first.

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Racism is shown to be widespread in the kingdom, and not just towards heal mages either. Beast-kin room looked top top suspiciously—a feeling that"s an ext reciprocated as the beast-kin deserve to be downright hostile at times.

part of the reason healers space looked on v such disdain exterior of Lyngel is that anyone can do restorative magic, thus making healers unnecessary. Come many, those with healing magic only expedite the healing process and naught more, making castle redundant and also inferior mages.

Lyngel is the only one that disagrees through that, valuing healers because that their ability to eliminate diseases, curses, and also the reality it"s the one magic the demon army seems to fear.

3 Demons Aren"t Demonic

The collection subverts the normal expectation the what a demon would certainly be. Lock aren"t fallen angels or creatures that spring from the fonts of hell to wreak destruction on the world. Instead, they space beast-kin, ones who look human being save because that the horns sticking out of their heads.

They aren"t indigenous hell, or some various other supernatural location doesn"t readjust the angry they stand for. It"s still a unique take on a types that"s so often used as the villain.

that takes a lot to hit the ranks of Goku once it involves density, but Usato is up there with exactly how he takes Suzune"s teasing. Hardly ever does he ever pick up on it, comments frequently flying right over his head.

As with Goku, it"s played because that laughs a lot of the time. It"s not out that the ordinary to see Suzune obtain upset since he isn"t receptive to her remarks or the he"s not acting as she supposed him to. It"s a wonder why she even continues to try at this point.

1 For all The angry Deeds he Committed, The Demon King has A Point

The demons in the series won"t ever before be mistaken for a shade of grey by any means. However, the Demon King does have actually a point when he states that humanity has actually made the others endure at your hands.

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Humanity is far from some righteous neighborhood as they still discriminate against beast-kin and also look down on others. Admittedly, this doesn"t provide the demons a appropriate to fury a genocidal war versus the humans, yet it does give it context.

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