With her parents out of town, Chris throws a party at which she recounts to the youngsters the details of that day’s event via Carrie in the locker room. When Sue – puzzled and… Read More 

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Chris:Guess what, ever given that the people beganSame plot, everyone's been dumping on their fellow manPounding people they feel much better thanI hope you're taking notes causeYou feel everyone deserves a shotGet realSome of us have actually acquired it, girlAnd some got squatThat's the reality, oh honey, favor it or notI hate to break it to youMy daddy taught meYou get no wbelow being niceSo currently I'm sharing his advice:The world according to Chris isBetter to strike then acquire struckBetter to screw then obtain screwedYou'd more than likely think it's bizarreBut that's the means points are(Spoken)Sue: But that doesn't intend it has to be that way! What does it price to be kind?Chris: Ew, what have actually you done with my best friend?Billy, tell me, am I ideal, or am I right?
Billy:Trust meI swearThere's a dick in eexceptionally classNot fairEach and also eincredibly time I fail those losers passHey, everyamong them have the right to kiss my assChris:You wonder why I love himBilly:One year, tright here was this great looking guySo queerAnd on optimal of that he has a wandering eyeOne day he looks at meAnd, huh, bye-byeChris:I bet he acquired the messageChris and also Billy:We're here to tell you just how this entirety damn freak show worksAll:Oh, yeah yeah yeah
Chris and also Billy:If you don't listen, then you're jerks!All:The world according to Chris isBetter to punch than acquire punchedBetter to burn than gain burnedFind Out that and also you're gonna go farCausage that's the way points areChris:Ha-na na na na na na na naHa-na na na na na na naAll:Ha-na na na na na na na naHa-na na na na na na na(Spoken)Sue: Do you think her?Tommy: C'mon, she's simply being ChrisSue: You weren't there. It was awful. We were hurting Carrie!Tommy: Ah, I'm certain it wasn't that badSue:Tommy, you don't understandWhat was simply a joke got out of handWe maintained on screaming til she hit the floor

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(Spoken)Tommy: C'mon, everybody was doing itSue:Hey, I was in tright here, tooWhat came over me was somepoint newI did points I'd never done beforeAnd currently I wish there's somethingI might do or sayI've never ever felt this wayTommy:Look, SueDon't be so hard on yourselfYou deserve to tell me to store my mouth shutBut, wanna recognize what I'd advise?Sue:What?Tommy:Apologize(Spoken)Sue: Apologize. Oh, Tommy! That's carolannpeacock.com!Chris:Ew, SueI can tell you're feeling sadAll:Boo Hoo!So, we clobbered Carrie and that's too damn badChris:This is why you've gotta love my dadAll:He's obtained the right ideaChris:My daddy taught me who's on height and also who's belowAll:Who's belowChris:And now its time I let you knowThe people according to Chris...(Spoken)Sue: You're joking, right? You can't maybe suppose all this?Chris: Why are you being such a buzz-kill?Sue: Chris, grow upAll:Ha-na na na na na na naHa-na na na na na na na naBilly:Let's start this party, people!The people according to ChrisThe human being according to ChrisThe people according to ChrisThe people according to ChrisChris:(softly)The civilization according to Chris isBetter to whip than get whippedEven if somebody bleedsPleaseNobody dies from a scarAnd that's the way thingsAre