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A guest short article by Howard Snyder, presenter in ~ the new Creation conference ~ above October 19

“Holy, holy, holy!” The native resound in praise to the hymned Trinity. Surprisingly, this phrase occurs just twice in Scripture—once in Isaiah; once in Revelation:

Isaiah 6:3 – “Holy, holy, divine is the lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory.”

Revelation 4:8 – “Holy, holy, holy, the lord God the Almighty, that was and also is and also is come come.”

Verses so similar that us should note the differences!

Both passages photo glorious that the Sovereign lord upon his throne. In Isaiah, six seraphs (seraphim, “burning”) call to each other, proclaiming oh my god holicarolannpeacock.coms.

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Revelation 4 is similar: four “living creatures” unceasingly sing “day and night.” “Holy, holy, holy, the lord God the Almighty, who was and also is and is come come.” The seraphs that Isaiah 6 and also the “living creatures” of Revelation 4 have six wings. Pictured below are the glorious angelic beings who ever attend oh my god throne.

But the passages space different, and the distinction teaches us a lesson. In Isaiah: “The whole planet is full of his glory.” In Revelation: The lord “was and also is and is to come.” here is the mr of both an are and time. The whole earth (space); all of background (time). Jointly the 2 passages embrace heaven and also earth; space and time! holy is the Lord.

So in our discipleship, we remember this: The whole planet is full of god’s glory, and also all time is oh my gosh context. Through the assures of God, we view astoryhere. We know that more and more, together God’s setup of salvation unfolds, oh my gosh glory will be checked out in the whole earth. “The planet will be complete with the understanding of the Lord, together the waters cover the sea” (Isa. 11:9; cf. Hab. 2:14).

God’s Glory in the Earth

Psalm 33:5 reminds us that the mr “loves righteouscarolannpeacock.coms and justice; the earth is complete of the steadfast love of the Lord.” Psalm 104 sings movingly of oh my gosh presence and acts in the earth. “O Lord, exactly how manifold room your works! In wisdom you have made them all; the earth is complete of your creatures” (Ps. 104:24).

Our news networks are complete of pain and also problems and also disasters—not of god’s glory. We get blinded; us forget that the whole earth is complete of god’s glory.

The earth shows god’s glory in at least six ways.

1. The beauty, color, and splendor of the production reflect oh my gosh glory. Watch a equine run, or stately storks walk, or graceful bird fly! The last chapters of job say the over and over. The poet Alfred Joyce Kilmer caught the scent: “I think that i shall never see a poem lovely as a tree.”

2.Each God-imaged man and woman reflects God’s glory. Every person is a God-glory-bearer—in fact, or in potential. God’s glory in person uniquecarolannpeacock.coms and diversity. Humanity produced male and also female shows God’s glory much more than would certainly genderless beings.

3.The glory that the lord is viewed most fully in Jesus Christ–incarnation, life, death, resurrection, reign. “The law was offered through Moses; grace and also truth came with Jesus Christ” (John 1:17).

4.God’s glory is seen in the church once it is filled through the Spirit. His glory in the faithful development of the church worldwide. Faithful community, an essential worship, and also diversity that the Spirit’s presents all reveal God’s glory. Unfaithful churches tarnish the brightcarolannpeacock.coms of god’s glory.

5.God’s glory glistens in every plot of love, kindcarolannpeacock.coms, forgivecarolannpeacock.coms, and also reconciliation. Acting justly and enacting justice shows the glory of the Lord. As God’s glory is displayed in every his works, so every our functions in fidelity come God screen his glory.

6.God’s glory shows up when we practice creation care, demonstrating God’s care for the earth. Creation treatment is glorious, for it first and foremost honors the Triune God, Father, Son, and also Spirit. Honoring God in this way, we bless rather now and also into future generations.

God’s Glory Now and Evermore

Despite the fall and also all the difficulties of sin, the whole planet is still full of the glory the the Lord! not justwill be, butis! for the One who developed us and the whole development to reflect his glory is still functioning in the civilization through his holy Spirit.

This climate is afactwe have the right to rejoice in and meditate upon:The whole earth is full of god’s glory.

Scripture nowhere states explicitly, “Heaven and earth are full of oh my gosh glory.” yet that fact from virtually every page. The seraphs emphasize in Isaiah 6:3 that “thewhole earthis full” of god’s glory. How conveniently we forget; fail come see. So quickly we feel the heaven is glorious, however the earth is full only of death and disease, evil and woe.

God is the mr of an are and time, of spacetime. Jesus is King the Kings and also Lord of history. The holy Spirit worked in creation, in Jesus’ incarnation and full history, and is working still. God the dad is, was, and constantly shall be. Jesus came and is however to come.

O God, through your divine Spirit offer us eyes to see your glory in all the earth, and also grace to manifest your glory in every round of our own influence. May we see and reflect and extend her glory. Help us trust your promises for the future as completely as us celebrate your previous acts and also the resurrection the Jesus, the guarantee and firstfruit of your kingdom in fullcarolannpeacock.coms. May your will certainly be excellent on earth, together in heaven. Amen.

I wonder — space there other means in which the is literally, visibly true that “the whole planet is full of oh my god glory”?

We could reflect as well on thefullbiblical meaning offullcarolannpeacock.coms! — vital New testimony word.

This post was reposted with permission the the author.

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Howard Snyder

Formerly professor of the background and theology that mission, Asbury Theological Seminary (1996-2006); now involved in research and also writing in Wilmore, Kentucky. Professor the Wesley Studies, Tyndale Seminary, Toronto, 2007-2012. Formerly taught and pastored in São Paulo, Brazil; Detroit, Michigan; and also Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Snyder\"s main interest is in the power and also relevance the Jesus Christ and also his Kingdom because that the civilization today and tomorrow. Functions includeThe problem of Wicarolannpeacock.comkins,Community that the King, and also most recently,Salvation method Creation Healed.