The Spencer Lee Band has actually backing from Scooter Braun and also Freddy Wexler, and a dead-on cover of The Wonder Years template.

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Spencer Lee has actually a large voice out of bit Fort Scott, Kansas, and also the major backing that will gain it heard. We spoke on the phone last week — now 25, he was elevated in a little tvery own and also literally scouted as a teen: after someone witnessed him percreate at a local talent show, they called up the grocery keep where he worked, said he come out to L.A. to occupational on music, and he quit on the spot.

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He relocated permanent best after graduating high institution, yet his career went not-so-up and also mainly dvery own. He got a handful of songcomposing work but ended up living out of his automobile, all set to give up — until a chance meeting at a songwriting session through Freddy Wexler, who"s worked via Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Selena Gomez… Freddy signed him and also invited him to live at his area, wright here they functioned on Spencer"s album together.

On top of that break: Scooter Braun heard the music early on and also was instantly hooked — notably, the pop legend-maker recommfinished they leave a raw demo just as it was, consisting of the room noise. He teamed up via Freddy to manage him and also lugged on Eric Valentine, the maaajor rock producer, to finish up the forthcoming job.

So many kind of pieces had actually to come together — and also on this The Spencer Lee Band cover of "With A Little Assistance From My Friends," you execute see why. I do not also really choose this song! Beatles who, Spencer"s Southern rock is undeniable. "There"s many a songs I could cover, to be hoswarm, but that song just takes a singer," he told me. "Like, a sanger, to really pull it off, so I was happy to take the obstacle. Recorded it live, one take." Can"t really fault his confidence at this allude, lol. "That song absolutely has the true definition behind it," he adds. "I deserve to back that up with my little bit little of life story."

Fitting for a nine-item group, The Spencer Lee Band playing massive festivals this summer. "I hope to be really exhausted," he said. "I"ve been told by Scooter, "You"re going to be tbelow when you do not know what time it is, where you are, what you"re doing. That"s when you"ll check out if you"ll stand the test of time." Which I understand I will certainly. I"ve been waiting for that moment for a long time. I"m really excited to be super exhausted."