The Rules of Attraction(2002)
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Label:Lions Gate RecordsLabel number:9368
Running time:not on fileShipping date:October 8th, 2002
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Album Tracklist
1.Carol of the Bells - tomandandy<2:25>
2.Six Different Ways - The Cure<3:20>
3.Out of the Races and On to the Tracks - The Rapture<4:05>
4.Colours - Donovan<4:14>
5.Situation - Yaz<3:46>
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Music from the movie not on this soundtrack CD
Faith - George Michaels
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q:Which song is playing throughout the scene where Sean"s admirer commits suicide in the bathtub?(from Samin Brooklyn)
A:"Without You" from Harry Nilsson. (many thanks to Cris,spain)include more info
A:I think it"s fairly "Article Suicide" from tomandandy. I was trying to find this tune also, that"s why I know around it ^^ (many thanks to Mat�ous,brussels belgium)add more info
Q:What song is playing as soon as Sean hits that girl? The same song is playing once he checks his mail and once Lauren skateboards and also cries.(from lusain Bergen)
A:Tomandandy"s "Message Suicide" is downloadable for totally free
tomandandy.com (many thanks to Pols,Belgium, Li�ge)include even more info
Q:What is the the second song playing throughout the party wbelow they"re burning the tall lumber thing? It"s the song playing throughout Paul and also Sean"s conversation.(from Joein Arizona)
A:"Out of the Races and also Onto the Tracks" by The Rapture (thanks to Daniellee,cali)include even more info
A:It"s not "Out of the Races" because that"s the first song. What"s the second one? (many thanks to Farquar,Omaha, NB USA)include even more info
A:It"s "Hey Guy" from tomandandy. You have the right to acquire it at their web page on lastfm for totally free. (many thanks to nonfeeling dreamer,lisbon, portugal)include more info
Q:What"s the symphony playing in the scene wbelow teacher Eric Stolz is blown? I"ve heard it"s Tchaikovsky"s "Coffee."(from Robin Houston, TX, USA)
A:"Aida" by Giuseppe Verdi (many thanks to bateman,nj)include even more info
Q:What music is playing once Shaun and Lauren walk up the hall on a split display screen (Shaun on the left and Lauren on the right) and also they talk around a lecture being cancelled, and Lauran asks to view Shaun"s eyes and she gets rid of his dark glasses?(from Kevin London UK)
A:"Colours" by Donovan (thanks to Gary,U.S.)add more info
Q:What song is playing when the girl is being taken amethod in the ambulance exterior of the school? I can not believe it"s not on the soundtrack!(from NINin chicago, Il)
A:That song is "Message Suicide" (thanks to BlondeAlways,New York)include even more info
Q:What song is playing once Paul is dancing in front of the looking glass prior to his meeting with Sean?(from Daniilin Russia)
A:"Faith" by George Michael (many thanks to b,memphis)add even more info
A:No, that is not true, it"s a french song. "Faith" is played on on a various scene, wright here Paul Danton dances on the bed through Robert. So the question continues to be. (many thanks to D,Lithuania)add more info
A:I got this one. It"s Serge Gainsbourg - L"ami Caouette ( My Pal Peanut ). Enjoy. (thanks to D,Lithuania)add even more info
A:This song is awesome but sadly not on the soundtrack (many thanks to frannycoise,holyoke, ma 01040)add more info
Q:What"s the song that goes "lalalala lalala" on the radio once Sean Bateman rips the phone out of the wall after he tries to kill himself?(from rupertin NY)
A:"Halloween Song" by tomandandy (thanks to marcus,california)add more info
A:I"m pretty certain it"s "Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck" by the Blood Brothers (many thanks to jacob,california)add more info
Q:What is the song playing as soon as Jessica Biel is at the party blowing lines? It starts off sounding prefer a Beethrange song and also then goes into a freestyle.(from tiggyin california)
A:"When I Get You Alone" by Robin Thicke (thanks to anon,anon)include even more info
Q:What song is playing after the girl kills herself?(from sierrain ca)
A:It"s called "Blog post Suicide" by tomandandy. You can downfill all the unreleased tracks from the movie on their webwebsite. (thanks to Ladytron,Philadelphia)include even more info
Q:What"s the song playing once Lara (Jessica Biel) is drunk and she is dancing in front of the footsphere team?(from Sudakein Paris, France)
A:"Boom Shake That Ass" from tomandandy. (thanks to nonsense dreamer,lisbon, portugal)add even more info
Q:What is the French song playing when Sean is talking to Jessica Biel around where Lauren is at a party?(from Dani Californiain NH)
A:I"m guessing its one of the songs played at the Pre Saturday Night Party Party... "Sei Dein Eigener Held (D.I.S.C.O. Radio Mix)" from Jens "Der Wolf" Albert. (and it"s German). Hope this helps ;) (thanks to nonsense dreamer,lisbon, portugal)add even more info
Q:What is the dance/techno song playing at The End of the World party? "The gay song" as Sean shelp.(from Tidlerin NY)
A:"Gumballs" by tomandandy (many thanks to world"s most distinguiburned gentleguy,hell)add even more info
A:Wrong. That"s the various other song during the party. Thanks a lot for your advantageous information. (thanks to bob,hell)add more info
Q:What is the track that starts to play as Sean is beaten up with the basesphere bats and also fades into the end of the human being party???...from jimin sd(answer jim"s question)
Q:What"s the song playing when Shoen checks his mail and also when Lauren skateboards and also cries? (Tomandandy"s "Message Suicide"?)...from Cardinalin Ukraine(answer Cardinal"s question)
Q:What German language song is playing at the party? ( du bist dein eigener boss... )(from nkin latvia)
A:"Sei Dein Eigener Held (D.I.S.C.O. Radio Mix)" by Jens Der Wolf Albert (many thanks to nonsense dreamer,lisbon, portugal)add more info
Q:What is the very famed short little bit of timeless music heard at the beginning of the movie, and also during the credits? I recognize it well however can not think of the name or composer.(from billy97in washington, dc)
A:Aida: Grand also March by Verdi (many thanks to Andy,Kirkhardwood, CA)include more info
Q:What song is playing as soon as Sean is beaten by the drug dealers? ...from oteemalin england(answer oteemal"s question)
Q:What is the name of the song playing at the party via the burning man? NOT "The Rapture" yet the various other one... the great one. It sounds like Beck.(from izziin denver, co)
A:The track you are after is referred to as "Hey Guy" by tomandandy. You deserve to uncover it on their website under downtons. (thanks to Helper38,Australia)add even more info
Q:What is the name of the Modest Mouse song playing in this movie? I forobtain the scene & the name of the song. It"s driving me crazy because I hear it all the time....from stephaniein NYC(answer stephanie"s question)
Q:What is the song playing during the opening for Lauren where she is talking to the NYU film student? During the component wbelow they are sitting on the couch and also she comments that his eyes are drifting. Any ideas?...from Chrisin Cleveland(answer Chris"s question)
Q:What is the song with the lyrics "...I do not recognize how to love you, I don"t understand just how to trust..."? It"s a girl singing.(from Valeriein Milton, PA)
A:Milla Jovovich, "The Gentlemale Who Fell Before The Court." (many thanks to virginiasimple,Bklyn NY)include even more info
Q:What song is playing when they are taking the freshman to the hospital as he "overdosed"???(from shaunin Ohio)
A:"The Situation" by Yaz (periodically called Yazoo) (many thanks to kailee,CO)include more info
Q:What is the song playing as soon as Lauran walks in on Sean as soon as he fakes his self-destruction through fake blood?(from LBin Le Grand also, CA, USA)
A:The song is from Public Image - "Rise" (thanks to doubleback,canada)include more info
Q:What is the song playing at "the dressed to get screwed party"?(from warkiddin india)
A:Robin Thicke - "When I Get You Alone" (many thanks to andyfairweather,shefarea, uk)add even more info
Q:Wha"s the song playing when Lauren and her frifinish are sniffing drugs?(from godspeedin paterboy nj)
A:"Lust To Love" by The Go-Go"s (sped-up for effect) (thanks to thewaymouth,Boston)include even more info
Q:What is the song that plays as Bateman lights a joint after he wakes up from his suicide attempt coma?? It sounds like Talking Heads yet I"m not sure. Lyrics = "...should be wrong, I have to be appropriate..."(from JayRodin FL)
A:"Rise" (thanks to Hakubi,Amazingland)add even more info
A:by Pil (many thanks to Hakubi,Amazingland)add even more info
Q:What is the song playing when Sean goes over to Rupert"s house? It"s additionally in the credits.(from twiggyin hells kitchen manhattan)
A:52 Pick Up (many thanks to AntiAlkoholMan,Lithuania, Vilnius)add more info
Q:What is the music cue playing at the bus station as soon as Paul leaves and also Sean thinks about Lauren? ...from Jakeyin Miami, FL, USA(answer Jakey"s question)
Q:What"s the important piece playing in the background as soon as James/Sean walks back in to the party towards the finish of the movie? Hint: Sean was drinking a fifth of Jack Daniels I believe...the piece of music sounds extremely negative ass and also it might be a Tomandandy get-up yet it isn"t on the soundtrack....from Scott Weiler/ Rottweiler in Round Lake(answer Scott Weiler/ Rottweiler "s question)
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