On the day before Christmas, Live through Kelly and Michael has provided us a pretty great gift—an awesome karaoke video clip featuring none various other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in onesie pajamas. Ns think that description is nice explanatory, therefore if that seems prefer it’s up your alley, girlfriend can and also should give it a watch, below.

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If you’ve ever seen the cute comedy The game Plan, you recognize that Dwayne Johnson actually has actually a sensibly soothing voice. In that movie, he plays guitar and also sings Elvis Presley’s “Are friend Lonesome Tonight.” In today’s Live v Kelly and also Michael video, Johnson again channels Elvis, but this time around, he’s singing “Here comes Santa Claus” (a tune that, strange enough, was once covered by Presley). Luckily because that us, he at one suggest “slaps a little much more Elvis” ~ above his performance, i m sorry takes the totality thing way over the top.

While the Rock clearly won’t be able to shift from acting into a to sing career at any time soon, he plainly enjoys singing in former of people, making this karaoke video clip a pleasure to watch—even as soon as it start to obtain wacky, through side comments around the onesie and an figure by Santa Claus. Michael Strahan’s enthusiasm on the sidelines is likewise a win.

There are plenty the heartwarming videos the pop up around the holidays, and plenty of funny ones. It’s nice the the Live v Kelly and Michael video clip gets the finest of both the those worlds. It’s sentimental however fun, and also definitely won’t make you cry prefer that #MontyThePenguin or Lowell Police department videos. (Or, to be that just me?)

The Dwayne Johnson performance is just a part of the much longer segment ~ above the show, which additionally featured an epic rap monitor from the pint-sized Rip and also Strahan. Your bit has costumes, for this reason be sure to give it a watch, below.

Live v Kelly and also Michael isn’t the first series to run on the Christmas song bandwagon this week. Earlier, this week, Fallon nabbed One Direction for an epos rendition the “Santa Claus is comes to Town” special The Roots, and numerous great instruments. The performance simply may provide The Rock’s amazing onesie power a run for that is money. At the very least the actor had Santa Claus, though.

We may not get the opportunity to see Johnson sing again whenever soon, however you can catch him top top the huge screen once his newest endeavor, san Andreas, access time theaters in May. Girlfriend can inspect out the very first look at the movie, here.

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