I always discover your assessment spot on Johnny. I agree that LVP has been waiting patiently yet I don’t think LVP will have actually a finish cake walk bereason I check out an intersee where she mentioned a spat via Kyle in passing. It appears that LVP is no longer in a position to overcome Kyle and I for one and also hoping for Seaboy 1 Kyle to reshow up and I hope to see more of the confident Kyle from last seaboy.

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I can’t wait to see what it is about Teddi that appears to rub Ericka the wrong method or possibly that’s just editing?

How is Dorit able to pull off the farse of owning that residence once they plainly carry out not. Is she & PK going to relocate mid season? I’m confused.

She’s still living there, you can check out it in her Instagram stories. I’m wondering if they were renting and currently own it. My neighbor just rented their home for a year before buying it.

The residence that they display in the before/after photos is plainly the same residence. Wall surface vents and also ceiling lights were all in the very same location and the oddly angled walls were the exact same. So I’m confused that Tamara says that they don’t own or also live tright here. Someone sure went with a lot of trouble and also expense to redesign that residence.

The home marketed freshly. It was then we learned that PK and Dorit were not the owners.

I am confused as well because if they had to relocate out for a reversion, why would they relocate ago in if the home was going on the market? Maybe Bravo passist to rent it out during filming.????

I am so happy Kim will not be on at all; I have never been a fan and I choose the variation of Kyle we obtain sans Kim. This episode flew by, seachild looks fun.

Thank you to the Hamlins’ for lastly obtaining Kim off this show. I want that IV cocktail.

Teddi doesn’t seem favor a fit yet nice and also extremely pretty.

Erika looked horrible in her interviews tonight. Glam squad not doing her any favors for such a beauty.

Dorit does seem choose a poser however dresses beautitotally. Poor bit boy looks favor PK.

I also rely love Kyle and discover her life interesting and also fun to watch ONLY when Kim is not on. It is painful to watch Kyle on seasons Kim is on. I likewise prefer to think their relationship and just Kim in general are healthier not on I don’t like Kim at all however substantial Kyle fan.

Ha-ha, I simply acquired my email about your take on Bev-hills and also I had actually left a comment under Floribama so oops my bad. I never before really preferred Kim either, she always seemed prefer she was a little ditzy and all the moment not simply when she was drinking. I think its pretty sad that these women can’t also do their very own hair and also make-up, thats just crazy. It looked favor it was gonna be a good seachild, but we will check out. So that does Rinna have on her side now? anyone anyone?? lol I never realized that LV rode her steed eexceptionally single day tho, or was that simply shelp so she and Teddi would certainly become besties? All I might think of was her riding her mini pony, and assumed ” This can’t be good for the poor thing” , lol

Ha-ha, I simply acquired my email around your take on Bev-hills and I had left a comment under Floribama so oops my poor. I never before really chosen Kim either, she always seemed like she was a little bit ditzy and also all the moment not just when she was drinking. I think its pretty sad that these woguys can’t even execute their own hair and also make-up, thats simply crazy. It looked choose it was gonna be an excellent seaboy, however we will certainly watch. So who does Rinna have on her side now? anyone anyone?? lol I never realized that LV rode her steed every single day tho, or was that simply sassist so she and Teddi would certainly become besties? All I might think of was her riding her mini pony, and also assumed ” This can’t be excellent for the poor thing” , lol

So far extremely over developed however several glitzy sophisticated things to look at. I just simply noticed the lacking Eileen. Bye Rinna, your big old mouth and also outlandish comments have won you no friends, my bet is she will try to climb in Ericas butt.

And Rinna is very entertaining too. That’s what counts in my book. I had actually to FF Dorit this episode. Her over annunciation of English is irritating to me. And her facial expressions are ridiculous. The consistent “mouth hanging open in shock” comes off as phoney. And her style does tend to copy Erika’s. She requirements to discover her own.

I am so glad to see BH.

Loved being irritated with Dorit’s ridiculous voice, loved seeing Rinna’s spoiled girls and also hearing her say she is a momager who will store them straightforward while they say they want to hire someone to load for them. Loved production laughing at almost each oft hem at one allude or another. Adored the closets. And the Birkins . Could not think Dorit thinks she should/might contend via Erika—-farce( on makeup or anything, for that matter) !! – and also all her lies!!!

I’m thrilled Kim won’t be back- a certain no one would certainly insure her. Not lacking Eileen –I think those franchises mirroring now, Atlanta and also NJ, really pale in compariboy and show up pitiful in contrast- from the depth of the womales to their intelligence to their wardrobes. Both must simply shut procedure currently. All Bravo should store are the ones that remajor aspirational, which are NY and also BH. Maybe Dallas for a seaboy more.

I recognize Bravo has actually close to a year’s worth of entertainment, however the RH franchise is dead and hidden, as we have all agreed. Save the finest and delete the others pronto, Andy. Time for new .

By the method, has actually any kind of one of these woguys openly acknowledged what is now extremely prevalent expertise and agreed, that Yolanda has actually a mental problem, and also that was a nonsense, through Muchhausen as good a term as any type of various other to define it? These woguys were taken and allowed a seachild to be consumed up with her lies and also nonsense- – she ran a fleece procedure from her residence and also BH present. And thrived.

They need to have actually listened to TT and also us. At least, David and his attorneys have to have actually.

I’m so happy they’re back! Kyle certainly or unpurposely threw shade at Erika by saying the chairs in her new office look favor Beverly Hills Hotel. There is a resale place here that sells furniture from hotels. Including BHH. They have some nice stuff but, I couldn’t tell if that was purposeful or unintentional.

Is it simply me or execute Kyle and Lisa look more fabulous then ever? Lisa has actually shorter hair and also highlights. Kyle has that gorgeous hair that is her signature, yet with a brand-new reduced. Erica is of course her impressive self. Teddi is gorgeous, and I love her name.

I hadn’t heard about Dorit and also PK not really owning their residence, so thanks for that details, Tamara. If you created a whole article on it that I missed, I would certainly be grateful to be pointed to it.

Am I the just one not really bothered by Dorit’s accent? I think she just has picked up some of PK’s accent from being roughly him, which is actually sensibly prevalent. Many civilization pick up the accents of those around them. I’m not a Dorit fan, however her accent is not in the optimal ten points that annoy me about her.

Kyle blamed Lisa VP for spilling the wine on her Birkin bag, but it was Kyle’s own leg that bumped the wine glass. Kyle is responsible for watching out for her own wine glass.

Erika’s lipstick looked disastrous in that talking head wbelow she was talking about exactly how she likes to overattract her mouth–it was sloppily overattracted ideal then.

I’m glad Kim will not be on. It was painful to watch her. Also glad Eden is gone.

I’m probably in the minority yet I would certainly have loved if Eileen would have actually been able to make this Vegas expedition. I was happy that Kyle extfinished the invite to her.

I think I might like Teddi but time will certainly tell. I love Dorit’s style yet HATE that wonky accent ( I want to call it fake however it seems as well constant for that).

Not certain why I have a soft spot for RInna. I was prepared to KILL her season 6 and also wanted to slap her a few times last seaboy however she’s currently had me laughing tonight while she’s going all around not wanting her daughters to be brat only to have among them ask if she can hire someone to pack for her.

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I was glad to hear Eileen acquire a point out too – I wonder if we’ll view her at all this season?

The dynamics of the team will certainly change a lot without Eileen, I think. She was the initially to check out through Dorit last seachild, the initially one Erika opened approximately, the just one that deserve to calm Rinna dvery own when required – I’ll absolutely miss her, however I guess it will be fun seeing some of the partnerships change in her absence.

Eileen conveniently sees via everyone that’s among the things I love about her.Yes, it will be fun to watch the shifting alliances. I appreciated this premiere episode much better than most it’s just as well poor it couldn’t have been followed by a 4th seachild of Ladies of London