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"The brand-new Style" (also recognized as "It"s the brand-new Style") is a track by American i know well hop team the Beastie Boys, released together the third solitary from your debut album licensed to Ill. The well known "mmm...drop" heat from the song was later sampled in various other hip hop songs, including The Pharcyde"s "Drop" (1995), OutKast"s "Benz or a Beamer", and also by the Beastie guys themselves on their tune "Johnny Ryall" (1989) and on their solitary "Intergalactic" (1998). Furthermore, the opening line to be sampled on the monitor "Workinonit" and also "The New" through J Dilla, and the initial mix of "Check Yo Self" by ice Cube making use of the phrase "check it" in the chorus. The "kick it" chorus to be sampled in ~ the end of Sublime"s "Let"s Go gain Stoned". LFO offered the line "I"ll steal her honey prefer I stole her bike" in their 1999 struggle "Summer Girls". Hip hop group Odd Future additionally used the important from large Tuck"s "Not A Stain on Me" -- i m sorry samples "The new Style" -- top top the track "Swag Me Out," off their mixtape Radical. Its recent use the the song was sampled in "Carousel" by Travis Scott native the album Astroworld (2018).more »

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And on the cool examine inCenter stage on the micAnd us puttin" it on waxIt"s the brand-new styleFour and also three and also two and one (what up!)And once I"m top top the mic the suckers run (word!)Down v Ad-Rock and also Mike D. And you ain"tAnd ns got an ext juice than Picasso acquired paintGot rhymes that space rough and also rhymes that room slickI"m not surprised you"re on my dickB-E-A-S-T-I-E, what up Mike D.Ah yeah, that"s meI got franks and pork and beansAlways bust the new routinesI acquire it, I obtained it, I recognize it"s goodThe rhymes ns write, you wish you wouldI"m never ever in training, mine voice is no strainingPeople always biting and also I"m noble of complainingSo I went into the locker room during classesWent right into your locker and I smashed her glassesYou"re from Secausus, I"m indigenous ManhattanYou"re jealousy of me because your girlfriend is cattin"There it isKick it!Father come many, married to noneAnd in instance you"re unaware I lug a total (word)Stepped into the party, the ar was over packedSaw the child that dissed my homeboy and shot the in the backMan, I had actually to gain a beeper "cause my phone is tappedYou much better keep her mouth closeup of the door "cause I"m totally strappedI got money in the bank, I can still acquire highThat"s why your girlfriend thinks that I"m therefore flyI"ve acquired money and juice, twin sisters in mine bedTheir father had actually envy, so i shot the in the headIf i played guitar I"d be Jimmy PageThe girlies I prefer are underage (shh! check it!)Girls v boyfriends room the kinds i likeI"ll steal your honey favor I stole her bikeMy father, he"s jealousy "cause I"m do that environment-friendly (what up?)I"ve gained a perform of girlies numbers from the places I"ve beenThere it isKick it!You wanna recognize why, since I"mOctober 31st, that is my date of birthI got to the party and also you understand what ns did? The SmurfTaxing all females from coastline to coastAnd as soon as I obtain my to fill I"m chilly mostWe rag-tag girlies back at the hotelAnd then we all switch places when ns ring the bellI chill at White castle "cause it"s the bestBut I"m fly in ~ Fat Burger, (when he"s) when I means out west (check it!)K-I-N-G-A-D, whammyAll the good ladies, they"re on my jammyWent to the prom, wore the fly blue rentalGot six girlies in mine Lincoln ContinentalI met a girl in ~ the party and she began to flirtI called her part rhymes and also she traction up she skirtSpent some bank, I got a high powered jumboRolled increase the wooly , (what he do?) and also I watched ColomboLet me clear my throatKick it over below baby popAnd let every the paris skimmiesFeel the win Hmm, dropCoolin" on the edge on a warm summer"s dayJust me, mine posse and M.C.A.A most beer, a the majority of girls and a the majority of cursing.22 automatic on mine personGot mine hand in my pocket and my finger"s top top the triggerMy posse"s gettin" large and my posse"s gettin" biggerSome voices gained treble, some voices obtained bassWe obtained the kind of voices that room in your faceLike the bun to the burger, like the burger come the bunLike the cherry to the apple, to the peach to the plumI"m the king the the Ave., and I"m the king of the blockWell, I"m M.C.A., and I"m the King Ad-RockWell, I"m Mike D., I got all the paris juiceOn the checkin" in ~ the party top top the fourty DeuceWalking down the block through the new fly threadsBeastie boys fly the biggest heads

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Beastie guys Beastie guys is one American i know well hop band from brand-new York City, formed in 1981.

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For the majority of that career, the team has included three MCs and also musicians Michael "Mike D" Diamond (vocals, drums), Adam "MCA" Yauch (vocals, bass) and Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz (vocals, guitar). More »