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Memory 04 - The mystery of the Twice-Dead Professor

Part 1: Byng’s home Investigation¶

This memory begins on the sidewalk external of a solicitor’s office in the north west section of the City that London borough. After ~ speaking through the fellow here to initiate the memory, make your means over to the Byng’s house investigation mite nearby. In the find area you’ll uncover the body at the basic of the stairs. Inspect it.

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Looking end the corpse will result in 2 suspects, Emmet and Angela, and also six extr clues showing up in the search area for united state to discover. Activate Eagle Vision to have actually them appear highlighted in gold to make points easier. You’ll want to inspect the following:

**Personal Letter –** top top a little drawer sit in an alcove in ~ the stairs. **Sculpture –** situated on a tiny table ~ above the 2nd floor of the building. **Crate –** situated on the optimal floor that the building by a bookcase. **Dead Spider –** deserve to be found on the top floor of the building by the height of the stairs. **Legal Letter –** on a table top top the peak floor the the building. **Letter from partner –** sitting on a little chest the drawers ~ above the top floor of the building.


We’ll now want to interrogate the suspects adjacent and hear every one of their conversation options. Emmet can be found on the soil floor of the find area (ask the about: Byng, Crate, Will). Angela is by the basic of the stairs on the ground level that the search area (speak to she about: Crate, Byng and then Spider and also Last Words).

Finding all seven of the clues and interrogating both persons of attention at Byng’s residence will offer us two added search locations to study – the University and Cemetery. Both of these are situated to the southern of the initial find location. Let’s make our way to the next one an initial – the University.

Part 2: college Investigation¶

The University examination zone consists of a group of three suspects, Professor Silas, Dr. Wilson and Virginia, whom we have the right to speak v (although we’ll execute that after finding the clues of course) and likewise features one more eight hints which we’ll have to discover. Again, activate Eagle Vision to do this task easier. You’ll want to examine the following:

**Handkerchief –** on the foot that a desk just within the door top top the soil floor the the building. **Receipt –** ~ above the floor through a desk on the floor floor the the building. **Spider Illustration –** Located placed on a wall on the second floor. **Treatise by Prof. Wilson -** sit on a tiny chest the drawers top top the 2nd floor of the building. **Small box –** situated on the floor through some windows on the 2nd floor. **Pedestal –** located by the railing overlooking the stairs top top the height floor. **Book created by Prof. Byng –** on the soil by a bookshelf on the top floor. **Bookcase –** The glow bookcase top top the peak floor.


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Loot the clues in the university (left) and also then chat v the suspects (right).

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With all of those clues, it’s now time to speak through the adjacent suspects. Professor Silas have the right to be discovered on the top floor the the University building (we’ll desire to ask the about: Byng, Byng’s Book, Travels). Dr. Wilson deserve to be found on the 2nd floor (inquire about: Byng, north Box, Spider). Virginia is through the base of the stairs on the floor level (speak to she about: Receipt, Byng and also then Will).

At this point, over there is naught left to execute at Byng’s residence or the University, so do your way over to the other examination area – the Cemetery.

Part 3: Cemetery Investigation¶

There are another four hints to uncover at the Cemetery and another suspect, Beswick, come interrogate - Gilbert. Activate the Eagle Vision ability to find the clues. Check the following:

**Byng household Vault –** The large stone monument in the northeast corner of the Cemetery. **Money –** located by the fractional in the center of the find area. **Gravedigger’s coat –** Close come the fountain in the middle of the search area. **Handkerchief –** ~ above the ground by the path on the northern end of the search zone.

With the clues in hand, head over and speak through Beswick (we’ll want to ask him about: Byng, Money, dig Robbery and then Body-Snatching Proven). Adhering to the conversation, go back to the Byng family Vault and whip out your Eagle Vision. You’ll discover a follow of muddy monitor leading far from the Cemetery. Follow this every the way to the finish to find an additional search area – an abandoned House.


After inspecting every one of the hints in the cemetery (left) monitor the muddy monitor (right) to the next search area.

Part 4: Abandoned home Investigation¶

The exit House has actually six hints hidden within. Again, we’ll desire to activate Eagle Vision to do the job of tracking them every down lot easier. You’ll desire to inspect the following:

**Tools –** ~ above the floor just inside the doorway. **Single web page –** on the floor come the ideal of a small table. **Ashes –** top top the floor directly in prior of the doorway. **Mask –** top top the floor through the Ashes straight in prior of the doorway. **Ripped thing –** top top the floor to the left of a little table. **Spectacles –** on the floor through the window opposite the entrance.

Now that we have all the clues in the instance all covering up, it’s time come revisit one of our suspects for a little additional information. We have the right to speak v Virginia (ask about: Handkerchief) at the University.

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At this point you’ll have all the hints at her disposal and also will have the ability to choose and also accuse among the persons of interest. The answer is Professor Silas.