In this facility painting through the contemporary American painter Jackson Pollock; whatever is painted in mess and also grotesque. The background of the paint is completely blue and also the images are complicated as well together mysterious. Top top the height of the paint in the left next there is the half circle that the moon through so countless spots ~ above the surface.

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There is a knife in prior of the moon image and also another really mysterious women number with the crown of feathers as well as mysterious dressing has been painted top top the bottom side of the painting. There are some watercrafts on the shaken problems there space so many vague and also not plainly identified various images to it is in painted. Over there is the surname of the painter on the bottom that the painting which is the typical feature of every the paintings of Jackson Pollock.

The American painter Jackson Pollock is known as the abstract artist which is the modern trained of painting reflecting the truth in the secret and complicated way. The lift blue is conquered by overcoming red color which symbolically suggests the idea the the contemporary world to be pictured: it is the pointer of over shadow that peace yet the dominance of violence and also blood melted which space the typical features that the modern-day world. The weapons suggest the supremacy of that strength which is violent power through the assist of weapons. Together an American painter Jackson Pollock may have also reflected cultural festival commemorated by the American Indian people. In a festival the American indians celebrate the by changing themselves right into mysterious disguise, the women usage different types of masks on their faces and they usage the crown of feather by painting various colors. Lock even carry different varieties of weapons and suppose to strike the moon considering it together the symbol of right feminine beauty. The moon image, the weapons, as well as the mysterious female figure in the painting imply the effort of the painter to reflect the cultural festival of the Americans.

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Similarly follow to astrology the moon and also the sea room in a certain relationship, when they are high tides in the sea over there is the result in the moon so that we deserve to see so countless spots top top the moon surface. The astrological belief is also reflected in this painting. There are black point out on the moon surface clearly visible in the painting and even the watercrafts on the bottom that the paint are in the shaken condition. Logically speak the line boats saying the probability the high tides in the sea so the the result in the moon have the right to be checked out which are the black spots every where. In addition the painting has so numerous contrasting elements such as the violence and also peace, an enig and uncertainty, sky and also sea weapons and also boats etc. The name of the painter to be created in the painting makes it a different style only that Jackson Pollock offers to do his format unique.