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Verse > Emily Dickinchild > Complete Poems > II. Nature > 103. “The moon was however a chin of gold”
Emily Dickinson (1830–86).  Complete Poems.  1924.

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Part Two: Nature CIII
THE MOON was but a chin of gold
  A night or two back,
And currently she transforms her perfect face
  Upon the people below.
Her forehead is of amplest blond;        5
  Her cheek favor beryl stone;
Her eye unto the summer dew
  The likest I have actually well-known.
Her lips of amber never before part;
  But what need to be the smile        10
Upon her friend she can bestow
  Were such her silver will!
And what a privilege to be
  But the remotest star!
For certainly her method might pass        15
  Beside your twinkling door.
Her bonnet is the firmament,
  The world her shoe,
The stars the trinkets at her belt,
  Her dimities of blue.

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