The Main Individual Who Has Harmed Graves’ Standing is Graves Himself

Long time peruses of our blog won’t realize I’ve ever been a gigantic Kevin Petersen fan. He used to charm and disappoint me in equivalent measure. I don’t figure he ought to stroll once more into the Britain group – despite the fact that he ought to be first save – and I completely value that text gate and his self-portrayal harmed his standing gravely. Be that as it may, the manner in which he has been dealt with this week drives me very mad. It’s not really in light of the fact that I have compassion toward Petersen by and by (despite the fact that I do have a little) the issue for me is the manner by which our cricket board.

I dislike the belittling way the ECB keeps on treating its public

We are not simpletons, so if it’s not too much trouble, quit regarding us all things considered. Colin Graves’ risible assertion today, in which denies misdirecting Petersen over his Britain future, is the very most recent sad model. Graves’ contention is awful. It’s feeble, seems deceitful, and is probably essentially as persuading as the acting in a Greek drama. He fudges the issue and even has the nerve to act like the harmed party – proposing he’s mortally irritated that his standing has been spread. The new ECB director is tricking no one. The main individual who has harmed Graves’ standing is Graves himself.

I need to admit I have close to zero familiarity with Graves. I’ve perused that he’s worked effectively at Yorkshire and used to be a fruitful financial specialist, yet I had no overwhelming inclinations toward him one way or the other before today. Notwithstanding, in one stir up, on his initial experience at work, he has prevailed with regards to turning me – a dependable, energetic Britain enthusiast of thirty years, who has followed the group to the opposite side of the world – totally against him.

His disgraceful clarification – that he offered Petersen

Ensures that he would be picked for Britain assuming that he scored runs in region cricket, and in this manner hammering the entryway right in front of him was not the slightest bit a U-turn or logical inconsistency – affronts our knowledge. Anybody with a sliver of intelligence realizes that let somebody know there are ‘no certifications’ isn’t exactly the same thing as saying ‘you get no opportunity mate’.

On the off chance that Colin Graves had been straightforward with Petersen, he would’ve said “Please accept my apologies Kevin, we have little to no faith in you and thusly you won’t play”. All things being equal, he said he needed the best players playing for Britain and that KP could get an opportunity of playing (or would have to a greater degree an opportunity) assuming he played region cricket.

As it ended up, the piece about scoring runs in country cricket was the mother of every single distraction. The entryway has been closed forcefully in light of ‘trust’ issues – which have literally nothing to do with playing for Surrey at all.






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