Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 10 surprise Details around The Magic crate You never ever Noticed In the last seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Giles i do not care owner the Sunnydale"s only magic shop, The Magic Box. Here are part details about it.

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In addition to being Buffy Summers"s specialized Watcher, and pseudo-father figure, Rupert Giles is a lapsed brothers punk, stodgy librarian, and later in life, one entrepreneur. In the last seasons the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Giles"s endeavor into business finds him as the owner and also proprietor the Sunnydale"s only magic shop, The Magic Box.

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The Magic crate isn"t simply a store, though. It i do not care a second home for Buffy and also the Scoobies. Yet there room some things around The Magic Box also the many ardent fans of Buffy wouldn"t know. Right here are 10 covert Details around The Magic crate You never Noticed.

Catering to the witchy and also aspiring mystics alike, the Magic crate sells all sundry the items, varying from candles, crystals, and decorative statues to an really monkey"s paw.

The many item in the shop differed in your magical power, several of which acquired the gang right into trouble. Possibly the most standout is the talisman Dawn swipes at the height of her kleptomania i beg your pardon Xander end up making use of to summon Sweet, the demon who turns Sunnydale right into a singing and also dancing nightmare in the episode, "Once more With Feeling."

9 many Of The Scoobies work There

Anya i do not care the main manager of The Magic Box and eventually takes over fully when Giles temporarily pipeline for England, placing her bossy attitude to occupational in a sleeve environment. However, almost all of the various other Scoobies take it a rotate in the store at the very least once, Xander loan his carpentry skills and Dawn helping the end after school.

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Buffy many notably tries her hand at the save to disastrous after-effects in the episode "Life Serial" as soon as a spell native the Trio reasons her come live with a Groundhog Day nightmare scenario.

at the end of the 3rd season, Sunnydale"s mayor ascends right into a gigantic snake demon at graduation, yet not prior to Buffy, the Scoobies, and her classmates prepare a full-fledged defense of their school. This contains Giles removed his precious books from the library before they can be damaged in the mayor"s apocalyptic torrent. While lock filled his home for a quick time when he was unemployed, the books are climate relocated come The Magic Box whereby they have the right to be supplied by the Scooby corridor again.

7 it Serves critical Purpose

In the an initial three seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Sunnydale High library serves together Scooby Central, a single point out for the Scoobies to plot versus the latest monster the the week. But when the high school is swollen up, Scooby main is gone.

For a while, Giles"s house serves in the stead, yet Giles together a personality doesn"t have actually much come do. The Magic Box offers the corridor a new Scooby main while also giving Giles a way to invest his time outside of his Watcher duties.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was always a product that its time if still being cutting edge. But one hilarious detail around The Magic Box is the it has its very own Yellow Pages advertisement that Giles placed to promote his brand-new project.

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The ad is finish with a cheesy Whedon-esque slogan: "Your One avoid Spot to Shop for all your Occult Needs!" and also catchy starburst graphics declaring the goods sold. Unfortunately, the ad is a little too good, illustration the angry goddess Glory appropriate to Buffy"s doorstep in she hunt to find the key.

5 Giles Isn"t The very first Owner

The Magic crate goes with a number of different owners prior to Giles buys the in his post-Sunnydale High retirement step of life in ~ the beginning of season five.

While the previous owner all met one untimely end, (one of who is eliminated by Spike throughout his brief return in season three) they all helped to develop the mystical ethos of Sunnydale. Buffy acknowledges this as soon as Giles tells her his plan to to buy the shop saying, "...most magic shop owner in Sunnydale have actually the life expectations of a Spinal Tap drummer..."

Giles might not be the an initial owner, yet he is the just one who manages to survive his tenure. Though Dark pasture does her best to death him in an attempt to drain the save (and every its books) of their magic, Giles puts increase a much better fight than any kind of of the store"s previous owners and manages to make it the end of the fight through Willow.

This is all thanks to the fact that Giles is most likely the many skilled and knowledgeable owner the The Magic crate that Sunnydale had ever before seen.

3 It"s Revealed In an essential Episode

A many shocking things occur in the fifth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, however perhaps no one is together shocking as the disclose of Buffy"s surprise small sister, Dawn, at the finish of its first episode.

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The following episode, "Real Me," delves further into Dawn"s backstory and how she happened in Sunnydale, and revealing Giles"s plans to buy The Magic crate after living together a (very bored) retired Watcher for the last year. Both plot details end up being crucial for the run of the season.

once Willow an initial begins to take her magical training right into her own hands, going past the reach of what Giles is willing to teach her, she goes come Sunnydale"s resides magic shop to gain supplies.

Years later, once she goes complete Dark willow after shedding Tara, she return to The Magic crate to soak up as much magic together she can, again spurning Giles"s warnings. Dark Willow at some point destroys the store beyond repair, and also when she ultimately returns come herself, it"s Giles who helps her discover a true balance through witchcraft.

1 It almost Saved Angel"s Soul

Despite the many strange magical happenings in Sunnydale, there"s only ever before been one magic shop. So as soon as Giles"s star-crossed love, fellow teacher (and technopagan) Jenny Calendar needed to purchase a very rare Orb that Thesulah in order to perform a routine to reclaim Angel"s soul, there was just one location for her to go.

It"s a beautiful, twisted sort of irony that Giles ends up owning the store which in some ways ended up getting the love the his life killed, an irony only found on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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