1: message excerpts: "The great Gatsby," 1925, "The climbing Tide of Color versus White World–Supremacy," 1921, and also “F. Scott Fitzgerald and Literary Anti-Semitism: A Footnote on the mental of the 20’s,” 1947.

1: message excerpts: "The good Gatsby," 1925, "The climbing Tide that Color versus White World–Supremacy," 1921, and also “F. Scott Fitzgerald and Literary Anti-Semitism: A Footnote on the psychic of the 20’s,” 1947.

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Near the beginning of The good Gatsby, Tom Buchanan remarks favorably about a book called The increase of the Coloured Empires. To Fitzgerald’s contemporaries, this location would have been a clean allusion come T. Lothrop Stoddard’s eugenicist manifesto, The increasing Tide the Color versus White World–Supremacy, a popular book in the nativist politics climate the the 1920s and among present-day white superior groups.

Suggested Activity: have actually students check out the excerpt native The an excellent Gatsby and the excerpt from T. Lothrop Stoddard’s The climbing Tide of Color versus White World–Supremacy. (Note: These books were at first published just four years personal by the same publisher.) Discuss: how does Fitzgerald portray this interaction between Tom, Daisy, miss out on Baker, and also Nick? exactly how do the other personalities react come Tom’s comments? walk Fitzgerald seem to be crucial of Tom’s perspective or sympathetic come it? What function do friend think Tom’s views serve in the publication as a whole? Why do you think Fitzgerald includes a character with white superiorist views?

Now have actually students check out the quote native Commentary magazine. With that quote, Tom’s remarks, and also the excerpt from Stoddard in mind, have students look through the text of The great Gatsby for various other instances of clear racism, anti-Semitism, and also nativism. Working as a class, translate into a list. Friend may additionally have students keep their very own lists if they review at home and also compile them in ~ the finish of your unit.

Sources: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The good Gatsby (New York: Scribner, 2004), 12–13.

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