Who sang the the track I to be Weary let Me Rest?– The tune I to be Weary let Me rest was sang by The Cox Family.


Who is The Cox Family?– The Cox household is one American country/bluegrass music group from cotton Valley in Webster Parish in northwestern Louisiana, joined States. The Cox household can it is in heard on the O Brother, where Art Thou? soundtrack. Your 1994 teamwork with Alison Krauss, I know Who stop Tomorrow, winner the 1995 Grammy compensation for best Southern, country or Bluegrass Gospel Album. They to be nominated for another Grammy for their album beyond the City. Castle may likewise be heard ~ above the Traveller (1997) motion photo soundtrack with their renditions that the Carter Family’s “I’m reasoning Tonight of my Blue Eyes” and “Sweeter than the Flowers”. In 2015, they exit Gone like the Cotton, their first album for virtually 20 years.

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