In this article, we are going to discuss an SQL exception that displays in the Orion web console in the Node Management view. It will display the error “The conversion of a varchar data type to DateTime data type resulted in an out of range value.” This means the conversion of a navchar data type to a DateTime data type has created a value that is out of range.

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This error occurs due to the different languages that represent and parse dates in SQL Server. If the English is set as your default language, then the SQL server expects dates in MM/DD/YYYY format. Other languages may expect a DD/MM/YYYY format. SQL Server will generate this error when there is a mismatch between what is provided and what the SQL server is expecting.


On your SQL database server, open the SQL Server Management studio.Click Start -> All programs -> Microsoft SQL Server -> SQL Server Management Studio.Using sa credentials login to mysql server instance hosting your Orion database.Expand security -> login.Right-click on SolarWinds Orion user and then click on properties.From the page pane click general.In the default language field select English.Click Ok.

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