Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins - Episode 1 Recap




by Matt Anaya


This week has been premiere week on MTV and Wednesday it was the latest installment in MTV’s fact competition the Real World Roadway Rules Challenge: The Ruins. This marks the 18th season of MTV’s truth spin-off and this seaboy is not short on chaos and debauchery. Those are good things, I suppose, that is why we love the display, right?!


Right amethod we are indeveloped around a fact TV producer’s dream, a love pentagon in between Wes, Kenny, Johanna, Cohutta, and KellyAnne.


If you are brand-new to the Challenge, Wes and Johanna were engaged and shortly after breaking up Johanna fooled approximately via Kenny, ruining all possibilities of Wes and Johanna acquiring back together.


Extremely disappointed in Johanna, Wes has actually moved on and also is currently dating KellyAnne, that was dating Cohutta. This is the thickest and also finest story line this seakid hregarding offer and also the love pentagon will certainly, and already did make points amazing.

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The Ruins’ groups are damaged dvery own right into Champions (red team) and also Challengers (blue team), so, of course, the Champions team is stacked via egos bigger than the male members’ biceps.


The Champions consist of Darrell, Derrick, Evan, Evelyn, Ibis, Johanna, Johnny Bananas, Katie, Kenny, Susie, Syrus, Tonya, Veronica, and also Wes.


The Challengers (who do not have a chance to win a competition or an elimicountry challenge) team consists of Adam, Brad, Brianna, Casey, Cohutta, Danny, Dunbar, KellyAnne, Kimberly, Nick, Sarah, Shauvon, Diem, and Chet.


Prior to the difficulty both teams submitted a list of three girls and 3 guys who are eligible for the elimination round. Both teams will have actually a representative in the elimicountry however the team that wins the competition gets to pick that plays in the elimination. (It’s less complicated to understand if you watch the show;-)).


Wes is not getting in addition to any type of of his teammates, which include a former fiancé and a couple of former finest friends, and decides he is going to throw this week’s competition (and also most likely as many kind of as he deserve to as long as he is there).


Although Wes desperately tried to ruin the competition, the Champions team still dominated and resigned to his fate, Wes voluntarily goes into the Ruins (elimination challenge).


Darrell took significant offense after Wes almost sabotaged the Champions victory and later that day Darrell and also Wes virtually involved blows. Tright here was no fight and also Darrell actually backed out of a fight he instigated by calling Wes’ girl a whore (totally inappropriate).

Wes gets matched up with Chet (the Bowtie Killer) in the elimicountry and Tonya picks Diem.


The players had actually to construct a 20-foot ladder out of bamboo and climb to the height without falling. It actually looked easier than it was and all 4 of the players flourished frustrated at the task yet the Champions won both matches, badepend.


Ouch. Not a great start for a team that has actually little bit possibility to win anypoint versus these monsters.


Power Rankings1. Evan is a smart dude and also you deserve to count on him being tbelow in the end. 2. Kenny is a mimbo (male bimbo) but always seems to uncover himself in the money. 3. Evelyn is fierce and is the best female challenger. 4. Derrick is a staple at the finish because he functions the hardest.5. Susie has been the very same for all these years, mentally difficult. 6. Dunbar is on a really weak team. 7. Johnny Bananas looks to mess through Wes’ head next week, not a good concept bruh.8. Wes would be higher on the list but everyone hates him.

9. Syrus is a player/coach and also I didn’t even recognize he was on the show … aacquire. 10. Tonya is like Barry Bonds, thrives under controversy.11. Brad badepend did anypoint this week and will certainly be eliminated sooner fairly than later. Love ya bro (same college). 12. Darrell is popping off out the mouth and also looks to be going house early on.13. Katie is a crazy bitch however she has a chance. 14. Johanna is smart and excellent competitor but she is under many tension this season.15. Kelly Anne is Wes’ girlfrifinish, so she could have a chance as soon as Wes leaves.16. Sarah is a wild card because I do not know much around her.17. Cohutta has actually a tiny possibility to advance past four weeks.18. Danny has actually never before been great at these difficulties. 19. Shauvon had sex with CT on the roof last seachild and also I will certainly constantly love her for that. 20. Ibis is an additional wild card. I have actually not seen her in awhile so allows check out what she is made of. 21. Veronica has calmed dvery own and also aged well, but I don’t think she has actually a chance. 22. Kimberly could have actually a chance, however it’s also early on to tell. Let’s not acquire ghetto!23. Casey constantly battles in these things and she looked better without implants.24. Nick is constantly on the chopping block.25. Adam fights choose a girl. No offense girls. 26. Brianna is right here to hook up.



- Darrell is a solid challenger yet is extremely lucky to be alive after saying that stuff around Wes’ girlfrifinish. It looks like Darrell gets into a fight later in the seaboy, and if that is true you deserve to count him out of the running.

- I love Shauvon, she was so happy to make it to the following round and get the opportunity to hook up via someone new! Although, I feel sorry for her, as she pops an implant next week. Call me babe.

- Tonya is as much as her old tricks (acquiring ridiculously drunk) and also I have actually a love hate relationship via her.

- I can’t think Casey is on the display, she has no opportunity and also she has actually looked much better.

- I hope someone punches Johnny Bananas this seaboy. He’s deserved it for years.

- It was sad to view Diem and Chet go, they actually wanted to be tbelow and also complete and are much better than a lot of on their team.

- Chet returned residence to his task at American Apparel.

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- My friends were exceptionally disappointed after hearing Shauvon’s were fake.


Next week Johnny upsets Wes and I think Shauvon and Nick go house. Congrats Adam!



The Real World/Roadway Rules Challenge: The Ruins airs Wednesday nights at 10pm ET on MTV.