If you’re utilizing Office apps for Mac and also dealing with a sign-in worry, this write-up may interest you. While signing in to the apps, you can get The authentication session has expired, Please sign-in again error.

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Recently, we came approximately this error in Office for Mac. In this instance, we set up some the Office apps on Mac and also they presented the error. When we signed in with Microsoft 365 account, the issue comes in. While we produced a test user account and that worked. But through Microsoft 365, the error was repeatedly current.

If you’re likewise dealing with equivalent difficulty, here’s exactly how to deal with the issue.

Fix: The authentication session has expired in Office for Mac

Follow these approaches and you should have the ability to solve it:

Method 1

1. First of all, cshed any type of opened Office for Mac app such as PowerPoint, OneNote etc.

2. Then usage Spotlight search and also look out for Keychain Access and also open it.

3. In the left pane, click on login Keychain.

4. If the login Keychain has actually it lock opened, then ideal click on it and also choose Lock Keychain “Login”.


5. Once you make certain that lock is in locked state, open any type of of the Office for Mac set up on your mechanism.

6. If the perobjectives dialog appears for access to Keychain, provide the correct password and make sure you pick Allow or Almethods Allow. If the prompt shows up multiple times, make sure you execute same procedure each time.

7. Now once you’re asked to sign in to Office application, sign in when and then you’ll no much longer be facing this difficulty.

Method 2

1. Sign out of the app through which you’re encountering this problem.

2. Open Keychain Access application and remove the Keychain.

3. Rerelocate these 2 entries:

Microsoft Office Identities Cache 2Microsoft Office Identities Settings 2

4. Rebegin your Mac and sign-in to application aacquire.

If worry still persists, drop us a comment and also we’ll be happy to aid you.

That’s it!

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