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Please expropriate my apologyI’m a little too euphoric come be reasoning logicallyHow should I to organize this pleasure modestly?What a day, ok tell friend chronologicallyFollow me, together I repaint the dayPave the way for maydays come fade awayToday was a an excellent dayI’m choose Ice Cube without the drugs, cops or AKsI wake up up top top the ideal side of the bedAnd I kept dreaming it rotates no wrong to be left on the ideal side of my headFist bumped my dad, offered a kiss to my mamaNothing like nutella, cartoons and pajamasThe sunlight ignites mine hunger for life a wonderful sightMy facebook status had actually a hundred likesHit up Nicky C’s, composed a city to turning back liesMan the flow dispersed fire, obtained it top top the first tryHit increase the homies and also we laughing, relaxingSlapping part classics and freestyle rappingOpen in the breeze and I’m emotion fantasticCoasting in the trees, ns not also asthmaticI laugh so difficult I criedIts choose the clock prospered wings and dipped right into the light sky the method time fliesThe sunlight is walking down, no waitThe sun never ever goes down, the earth rotatesSo technically it’s constantly shining, the energy is constantly blinding, the melody is always climbing, no schedule or boring timing, simply red and also gold ~ above the horizon, let the go and also close those eyelidsArrived come the party, fashionably lateSaw this girl across the room i gravitatedNot to it is in cornier yet her pupils and also corneas had me captivatedThe euphoria, imagination fascinatedFelt like we laughed for agesHad the hands of time quicker pacing, (yes)
Part 2 (Dark)I woke up ~ above the wrong next of the bedChasing out all the ideal that was left there on the wrong side of mine headMy eyelids choose magnets, I just slept because that 5 hoursI rolled out of bed, hopped into my showerThrow on mine hood and also I walk into the misty duskWhat carry out you know? ns missed the bus and then ns kicked the dustWalk into course late, my teacher thinks ns careless and also patheticUnderestimating the situation, barely empatheticShe offered me a tardy, and told me i was hopelessI satellite down and started zoning and dozing and also losing focusThe clock moving quick as molasses, trapped in this classMy teacher asked for an answer and i bashfully passedWhen people lie or try to impress, i’m sick that itBut it is ridiculous, i was simply a hypocriteThe flaws in mine self room what i despise in othersA enjoy of the next I try to hide under the coversThe web traffic screaming at me, immersing me in lonelinessMy pristine neighborhood coming to be so monotonousI’m hungry so i look into the fridge and also jesusAll we obtained are those god-damn spinach quishesDoing homework yet I’m resting my pen, because my girl is texting againOh no she claimed we’d be much better as friendsBut also my friends are accusing me of liesSo ns laugh that off until it’s bruising me insideSo ns smiling in discretion as I’m piling mine aggressionTake a giant and suppress it, through denial and repressionMaybe if I can just modify what ns spokeLog on to facebook part fool is taking credit because that my jokesProcrastinating, my mind swimming v eventuallysExasperating, my parents had actually the nerve to lecture meAlex, you have to do the dishes, examine for the SAT’sBut how’s a test gonna measure my identity?It’s favor the facets are functioning together versus meSpilling liquid the end of mine cup until it’s fifty percent emptyI console myself, do the efforts to it is in reminded that the pleasantI rewind it but can't uncover it cuz ns blinded by the presentMy asthmatic neck is coughing and also burningI’m yawning and also yearning because that sleep yet I’m tossing and also turningThe darkness and doom is immune to the moon and also cloudsFeeling microscopic together my room is zooming outMy dreams and reality space mending and also blendingSomeone tell me when this nightmare is ending..