Where else You've watched That azer Game display Host Jeff Dye Actor and comedian Jeff Dye held the short-lived Spike TV collection That Awkward video game Show, yet here’s where else you’ve probably seen him.

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Jeff Dye in that Awkward game Show
Jeff Dye is well-known as That Awkward video game Show’s host, however here’s whereby else you’ve more than likely seen the actor and comedian. That Awkward video game Show to be a short-lived adult game present that aired top top the now-defunct Spike TV for simply one season in 2016. The show carried together teams of contestants comprised of parents and also their adult youngsters who to be tasked v working out which awkward facts used to each various other in really hopes of winning a cash prize. Dye presided end the antics but being That Awkward game Show’s host was by no means his very first gig.

Jeff Dye’s an initial brush v TV fame came as soon as he completed in the 6th season of NBC’s comedy talent present Last Comic Standing and also finished third. The Seattle-born comedian later appeared in illustration of stand-up comedy shows prefer Live in ~ Gotham and Comedy main Presents at an early stage in his career prior to landing a project as the host of MTV stunt vain game display Numbnuts. He likewise went ~ above to attribute in several episodes the Extreme Makeover: residence Edition together a guest designer in the abc show’s ninth season.

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Dye has because worked v MTV top top a few different occasions, hosting its hidden camera collection Money from Strangers and also appearing in numerous episodes the comedy talk display Girl Code. He completed in the NBC comedy variety collection I have the right to Do That together celebrities including singer Nicole Scherzinger and also actor Alan Ritchson and also went up against fellow actor-comedian plunder Riggle in an episode of Lip Sync Battle that saw him carry out songs by Montell Jordan and also Marilyn Manson. Dye was also a actors member on the fact travel show Better Late 보다 Never alongside wilhelm Shatner, Henry Winkler, George Foreman and also Terry Bradshaw.

William Shatner, Jeff Dye, terrycloth Bradshaw, Henry Winkler and George Foreman in much better Late than Never
Stand-up comedy and also TV hosting might be Jeff Dye’s thing, yet he’s additionally branched out right into acting. His an initial acting gig came as soon as he starred in the music video clip for nation artist Dierks Bentley’s tune “Drunk on A Plane” and soon after ~ played himself in the 2017 comedy film The 60 yard Line. Since then, he’s had actually roles in the comedies 1/2 brand-new Year and The Wedding Year.

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More recently, Jeff Dye has showed up as a panelist ~ above shows including The masking Singer and I have the right to See her Voice and has hosted his All points Comedy podcast Jeff Dye’s Friendship Podcast due to the fact that 2018. Next up, Dye will show up in the documentary Riding Phat and the upcoming Knekt TV series The Julz Tocker Show.