Toast-Yay! is brand new this year native the Girl Scouts. At an early stage reviews room divided. Which camp will certainly you be in? 


Thanks-A-Lots have been retirement to make way for the French-toast inspired selection that is dipped in icing.

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But nothing worry, Girl reconnaissance cookie lovers, Toast-Yay! will never ever replace perennial favorite slim Mints.

Thanks-A-Lots have been retirement to make means for the French toast-inspired range that is dipped in icing. Cookie sales start Feb. 12 and continue v March 21.

“I loved it,’’ public relationships specialist Susan Payne said. “I think that a perfect mix that French toast and vanilla. The feedback from Girl Scouts and volunteers is that they absolutely love it.’’

Toast-Yay! cookies, through flavors inspired by French toast and also dipped in icing, are a brand-new option indigenous the Girl Scouts this year.


Reviews no so solid among World-Herald staff, and Payne claims that’s OK. The Girl Scouts shot to cater to every taste by giving nine varieties.

That’s actually policy set by the nationwide office. No more than ripe varieties have the right to be sold each year, and Thin Mints, Shortbread and also Peanut Butter Sandwich must always be ~ above the menu.

Peanut Butter Patties and Caramel deLites, the second- and third-best sellers in Nebraska behind slim Mints, no so secure. Yet Marketing director Shannon Peterson says because they room so popular she doesn’t think they will certainly go far anytime soon.

This is the last year, however, because that Girl reconnaissance S’mores, which will be changed by another new cookie next year. Dozens the varieties have been retired in the more than 100 year the cookies have been sold and there is no collection schedule for a brand-new arrival.

Toast-Yay! cookies, v flavors motivated by French toast and dipped in icing, room a brand-new option indigenous the Girl Scouts this year. 


Shortbread, slim Mints, Peanut Butter Patties, Peanut Butter Sandwich and Caramel deLites room sold anywhere in the united States. But unique execution are available in different parts that the country. In Nebraska and also Iowa it is S’Mores, Lemonades and also the brand-new Toast-Yay!

Nebraska’s cookies room made in north Sioux City, southern Dakota, in ~ an outlet of abc Bakers that Indiana.

“The unique cookie through the lowest sales is most frequently the cookie liked to turn out to welcome a new cookie every few years or so,’’ said Denise Moore, chef product program and retail officer.

Nebraska Girl Scouts offered 1.8 million crate in 2020, and Peterson and Payne expect numbers come be just as high this year despite the coronavirus pandemic. That’s about $7 million in pistol sales, all of which stays in the state with the troops.

“They have the right to use it for programming, camping, any kind of traveling they want to do,’’ Payne said. “They may want to perform a fun job or assist the community.’’


New on the Girl enlightenment cookie menu: Toast-Yay! The cookie, a mix the French toast and also vanilla, will sign up with the top-selling slim Mints, Peanut Butter Patties, Caramel deLites and also other varieties.


Girl Scouts deserve to still market door come door but they are urged to wear masks. Cookie booths will open Feb. 19 and include virtual booths, drive-thru locations, curbside pickup choices and online orders that will certainly ship straight to customers’ doors. Girl Scouts spirit of Nebraska will certainly subsidize shipping expenses for those that order much more than 6 packages that direct-ship cookies.

To uncover a Girl reconnaissance seller nearby, go to There’s additionally a Girl scout Cookie Finder app.

Girl scout officials speak cookie sales teach girls around running a business and also goal-setting, decision-making, money management, people skills and ethics.

“The whole warehouse is simply filled. Leaders come and also pick them up and their garages are complete then,’’ she said. “You talk to the girls, and they yes, really love it. They knife badges and also prizes and also things for their troops. Trips and camping is paid for through the money castle make offering cookies.’’



Available: the at an early stage 1980s

Named after ~ the Australian bird, this rectangular cookie packed layers that crispy rice and also caramel right into a milk cacao coating.



Available: 1974 come 1983

A vanilla-and-chocolate-creme sandwich. A many cremes have actually bit the dust end the years: Lemon Pastry Cremes, Chalet Cremes, Mango Cremes, Strawberries and Creme.


Available: 1984 to 1985; 1993 come 1996

Caramel and pecan v a milk coco coating. Named after Juliette Low, Girl Scouts founder. A Juliette is also the surname of a Girl Scout there is no a troop. World-Herald: Dines

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