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"We are In The Beam" is a text-to-speech-generated audio expression from the online first-person shooter video clip game, Team Fortress 2. The is component of one in-game map that was included in the Invasion community Update<1>. Due to the line"s negative production quality, it conveniently gained popularity within the Team Fortress 2 community and also has resulted in several remix and mashup videos on YouTube<2>.


On October 6th, 2015, the Invasion ar Update was released because that Team Fortress 2, which had a community-made source Filmmaker video clip (shown below) and some new maps, among which called "pd_watergate"<3>. ~ above this map, players space tasked with collecting party of beer by killing opponent players and also depositing lock in a UFO by start its tractor beam.

Upon any kind of player start the beam, a text-to-speech-generated voice line is heard saying one of two people "We are in the beam"<4> or "The adversary is in the beam"<5>, depending upon the team. The voice offered is named "WillFromAfar", which is situated on the site, Acapela Group<6>.


The earliest well-known mashup was uploaded via SoundCloud ~ above October 10th, 2015. The song was the expression played end a segment native We room Young by Fun. The was later on removed, but then re-renewed again on YouTube through Diamond Mann<7> (shown below, left). Top top November 23rd, YouTube user Człowiek Drzewo<8> uploaded a video of the WillFromAfar voice singing over the entirety song (shown below, right). The video clip has about 25,000 views together of December 2016.

However, the phrase acquired much much more popularity as soon as YouTube user Muselk<9> uploaded a gameplay commentary of himself play the brand-new Watergate map ~ above Team Fortress 2 top top October 12th, 2015 (shown below), which contains a brief scene play a segment of us Are never ever Getting ago Together by Taylor Swift v the "We room in the beam" phrase put over it. The video clip currently has actually over 1,000,000 views since October 2016.




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