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How to pick default program to open a file. This is the very first time that i m questioning something on this forum and
I m brand-new with everything that comes about electronics and circuits and also I m make the efforts my ideal to find out in stimulate to perform some \"small\" plank repair.
Recently i learned much more about how to read a logic plank schematics (along with a plank viewer software), but what it\"s not that clean to me is the on the PDF room not shown all the worths of voltage and current that all the pins are supposed to have..
My question is, exactly how do you recognize if by acquisition measurement through a multmeter a pen (resistor or capacitor and also so on.) has actually the right value or not?


I m utilizing a software called Landrex test link, download from below http://laptopserviz.bg/enview/bvsoft/
, would be nice to have a software program that tells you every the nature of every pin


Hi guys! first of all thank you for you price .
I took part measurements and I could trace part power rails such as PPBUS_G3H and also some more. Then, I chose to pick a random pin ~ above the board see which is the R9720, Net: BKL_ISEN4 (logic board K29). The values for this pin utilizing my multmeter are Ohm 0.07, V 0.01. Looking on the schematic I deserve to not recognize the ideal values the this resistor has to have, most more than likely I m looking in a wrong way but I will be an ext then happy if you men teach me.
On the motherboard it states w89190EB56GCA K24 2.26G far better and it s a 2009 to apologize macbook pro motherboard. My intention is not to absolutely fix the motherboard, an initial because that old and second because ns bought it digital as a motherboard that has backlight problems and also I do not have the remainder of the computer. I want to learn how this plank circuit work and also how to expose damaged chip/R/C/L/F, hopefully, without be annoying however enjoying with you in this advantageous forum.
In the at the same time I bought a damaged macbook waiting that i should get in this days, in this method at the end if ns ll be able to fix the I will be much much more self urged to keep doing that.

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I m do the efforts to connect a screenshot therefore you deserve to see wherein this resistance is situated in the circuits . Ns m not certain if i did well.