EVERYTHING you have grown to intend from the within of a car is around to disappear, v Tesla’s long-promised affordable vehicle changing the game.

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TESLA’S electric cars have actually long been revolutionising whatever we expect from vehicles and also its latest model is no exception.

The an initial look in ~ the Tesla version 3’s interior demonstrates just how progressed Elon Musk’s vehicles have becarolannpeacock.come.

In a people first, the design 3 has actually stripped the traditional dashboard of all the gauges and hardware features which motorists have becarolannpeacock.come accustomed.

The design 3 has actually taken the speedometer and other gauges traditionally situated behind the steering wheel and also moved them come a 15-inch touchscreen display screen located in the center of the dash.

Providing all crucial information prefer speed, audio and the car’s battery life, the screen is easily managed by the touch pad chin or through using two buttons on either side of the steering wheel.

While it could seem like a correct change, Tesla chief executive Elon Musk has previously told client they “won’t care” there is no traditional dashboard.

One that the an ext impressive features of the stripped down dash to be the carolannpeacock.company’s efforts to do the wait vents invisible.

Model 3 supplies two intersecting plane of air because that vertical manage & lateral fins surprise within the dashboard because that horizontal control

— Elon Musk (

The vehicle has also removed the require for physical keys, through the model 3 syncing to a phone v a bluetooth connection, i m sorry will automatically unlock the auto when the driver is near.

Two “keycards” making use of NFC are additionally supplied therefore the car can it is in unlocked started without a mobile phone.

While replacing the traditional dashboard through a tablet computer might seem favor a attention concept, Elon Musk views it together a concerted push to autonomous vehicles.

“You won’t really have to look at an instrument panel all the often,” that said, report The Verge.

clock a movie, speak to friends, walk to sleep in Tesla’s cars.”

The design 3 is billed together an electrical rival to the BMW 3 series on size, travels 350 kilometre on a solitary charge and will it is in priced around $A44,000.

But cars are unlikely to come in Australia before 2019, whereby time Volkswagen and also Mercedes-Benz plan to have electric vehicles ~ above sale.

What do you think the the brand-new dash? proceed the conversation in the carolannpeacock.comments below or v Matthew Dunn ~ above Facebook and also Twitter.

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