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----------------------------------------Hmm exciting, we're getting even more storyinforming on Shizue Izawa as herself. This episode is really distinct considering its own side story and also the focus on a character that isn't Rimuru. I think this takes location before Rimuru's entry into the story. Looks choose we gained adventurers being tasked to fight a resurrected demon. Heh, Shizu still reminds me of exactly how badass she is.

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In this episode, it tells just how Shizu obtained the power of ifrit and also just how to withstand in the kingdom of the evil one.

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Shirokuza said:In this episode, it tells exactly how Shizu got the power of ifrit and also how to withstand in the kingdom of the adversary.
Hmmmm, i actually quite prefer Kuro, can't wait to check out more of him in Season 2... or should i call him Diablo?
When the series end without rimuru lol.. idk which part did they jumped on yet this was interestingOverall i took pleasure in the manga way better. Idk yet the anime just feel lacking. The fight is so empty they cut here and also thereS2 is coming so yeah i’d still watch
When the ideal episode of a anime is that one without the propre MC....Without doubt my favorite episode of Slim!
Damn Diablo is just greatness cant wait for him to appear next seaboy....also does anybody know who is Diablo's VA the voice sounds acquainted......

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Pretty cool episode for a side-sorry canon episode! Damn, I’m not exactly sure wright here these events of this episode lies in the timeline, various other than it obviously being prior to the entry of our primary character Rimuru into this world, but it was still a bloody cool episode! Excellent action choreography in particular throughout the initially fight between Shizu and Diablo and also the soundtracks entirely delivered! Great backstory episode for Shizu-san too! Also, can’t wait to view even more of this ‘Diablo’ higher demon. I didn’t expect him to take the initiative and also get rid of those possessed and also even go as much as to spare Shizu and also pretty much conserve the tvery own yet that just provides his character also even more mysterious. I wonder what this request for which he was summoned for in the initially place was all about, I’m assuming it’s somepoint alengthy the lines of killing the ‘fake-King’ demon. Final few moments of the episode promise somepoint eventful to come though, I expect. Rimuru summoned Diablo, apparently as necessary to the monologue, so I’m really curious to understand the conmessage leading as much as this. Guess we’ll just have to wait until the second Season airs.