A sold out crowd of crazed Taylor Swift fans took over Wells Fargo Arena to capture the pop star"s fifth performance in Des Moines considering that 2009.

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And the love in between Swift and also her devotees is shared — the country-turned-pop music superstar took time to give a shout out to the more than 14,000 people that attfinished Thursday"s show.

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Swift: Nothin" but love for Des Moines

"Ever considering that I started headlining my very own tours, we always, constantly come to watch you here in Des Moines," she said. "Would you choose to know why? The reason is ... you"re so welcoming to us."

The "1989" World Tour stop in Des Moines was Swift"s biggest present at the arena yet, according to the Iowa Events Center.

"You want us to feel favor your house is the exact same as our residence. You want us to feel favor Des Moines is our house," Swift ongoing. "Des Moines, Iowa ... give thanks to you for always dealing with us prefer family."

Amongst the thousands of fans were Phil Dorweiler, 89, and Liz Frink, 86, who were profiled previously this week by the Register as the self-prodeclared "oldest" fans to buy tickets to the present.

To Dorweiler"s surprise, he got a speak to previously in the day asking if he and also Frink would choose to satisfy Swift.

"I got a speak to this afternoon and also the lady remained in Nashville, on my home phone," he sassist. "She said, "would you and Liz be interested?" and I said, "okay, that"d be nice.""

They"re Taylor Swift superfans, in their 80s

For Danielle Cerna, of Cedar Falls, the present offered a chance to obstacle her 8-year-old daughter, Zyrianna.

"We sent her on a scavenger hunt to discover her tickets," sassist Cerna.

"On her birthday, about our town. On each clue it was part of one of Taylor"s songs and then on the back of clue it had actually "carry out you desire to go via me?" and then she had to figure that out and name eextremely song prior to she obtained the ticket."

Vance Joy opened up the show, playing tracks favor his hit single "Riptide," and extending Sam Smith"s "Stay With Me." He swayed the audience via his vibrant set of indie tracks.

"I just want to say say thanks to to you Taylor Swift for having me and my band on this exceptional tour," Joy said to the crowd. "She coulda preferred anyone. I feel extremely, very lucky to be in this place."

Swift electrified the crowd through hit after hit — working the stage and also catwalk like an expansion of her body. She blasted via hits like "Bad Blood," "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," "Layout," "Bad Romantics," and also others.

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Each song of the just under two hour display carried its very own aural and also visual style. For the opening track, "Welcome To New York," the stage was a pale white through a city backdrop; for "Enchanted" it was Swift sitting by herself behind the piano; for "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" she functioned the chords of the chorus in a close to punk rock fashion.

The enthusiastic crowd, Swift"s ability to job-related the arena, hearing the magazine of endless hit after hit from among the biggest artists on the planet ... this was a show Des Moines will not foracquire in the close to future

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