Vogue assures "73 Questions" v T-Swift, but there areactually just 70 questions. And one of lock is Taylor saying her fave movie is Love Actually, i beg your pardon shouldn"t be enabled either.

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As is now legacy for the magazine"s covering girls,Taylor Swift gamely partook in the "73 Questions" video interview — a series ofmostlyinane questions about life, love, lawyers, and hummusin clip accompanying she newVoguecover.Except wait, there aren"t in reality 73questions in the video!!Thanks come a many math keep going in the carolannpeacock.com office this afternoon, we"ve showed that there are actuallyonly 70 questionsasked/answered.This is one outrage.

Asked what she is "completely bored of in life appropriate now" at one suggest in the video,Taylor immediately answered "clickbait," which makes this exposé a little awkward,but right here we all room anyway. (It really did just begin as a T-Swift triviaranking, with no call-outs intended.)So in an effort to remain otherwisefair and also not unnecessarily salacious, below is a perform of all 70answers Taylor provided Vogue with, roughly ordered from the very least to most interesting.

70. Any kind of pre-show rituals?Yeah, ns stretch, I heat up mine voice, and also then mine band and dancers and also I obtain in a huddle, and it"s just great vibes.

69. Most memorable career minute so far?I think filming the "Bad Blood"video was my favourite memory.

68. Favourite TV present that"s at this time on the air?Dateline.

Note:These three are not even technically formatted/asked as questions outright, but I"ll offer them a pass because it"s simply clunky conversation. Also, ns love Deadline too!

67. What"s her favorite TV display of every time? Friends.

66.What"s one track you wish you had actually written?TheFriendstheme song, because of those royalties.

65. What is your favorite movie? Love Actually.

64. What to be a movie that made girlfriend cry her eyes out?Oh my god,The Martian.

63. What is something that recently moved you?The movieThe Martian.

62. What"s one goal you"re identified to achieve in her lifetime?I really want an honorary doctorate degree because Ed Sheeran has actually one and I feel favor he looks under on menow due to the fact that I don"t have one.

61. What"s your heart animal?A dolphin, due to the fact that they"re really sociable. They take trip in groups.

60.What to be thelast thing you baked?A gluten-free, dairy-free cacao cake.

59. What provides you laugh no matter what?Kevin Hart.

58. What"s keeping you busy these days? I"m just working out and getting all set for Grammys.

57. What"s the most interesting thing in life appropriate now? Grammys.

56.What"s one success you"re many proud of?My Grammys.

55.Can you present me a yes, really cool or bizarre talent?OK,I"m well conscious that this is not a talent yet this is, like, the just thing I can do. I have double-jointed elbow so…yeah, they"re weird.

54. Mine wife and I"s anniversary"s is coming up, where have to I take it her?Congratulations, and also you should take she to big Sur. You"re welcome.

53. What"s the bravest point you"ve ever done?Writing the to apologize Music letter.

52. What"s the many spontaneous thing you"ve ever before done?Writing the apologize Music letter.

51.What"s the first thing you do once you obtain an idea because that a song?Irecord a voice memo of myself to sing it, or I create it under in my notes.

50. What"s your songwriting process?Lots that preparation, I write a most my ideas down before I acquire into the yes, really session.

49. What track took friend the least amount the time to write?"Blank Space," because I"d composed a many the currently down already in the year preceding the session.

48. What one take it you the longest?"All as well Well," since it"s a really emotional song, ns kept placing it under for month on end.

47. What do you have actually going on over here? <The camerapivots to Taylor"spiano room.>This is a room wherein I create a the majority of songs.

46. What"s the coolest point in this room? <The camera pivots roughly Taylor"s lounge.>The coolest thing in this room is, ns think, the fireplace.

45. How numerous cats are in this room?Probably an ext than 10, and also I don"t understand if you"re counting the one that"s alive under there.

44. What"s one habit you wish you might break?Well, as soon as I"m sitting there, i usually simply do this <vibrates leg> with my leg, and people think the I"m nervous, and then they obtain nervous, and then everybody"s nervous.

43. That is her favorite teacher?My etc player Paul Sidoti teaches me a lot of on the road around piano and guitar.

42. OK. Therefore my tiny cousin Julia desires to know, what go you want to do with your life at period 5?When i was 5, i knew the my dad was a stockbroker however I did not understand what a stockbroker was, yet ns walked approximately telling people I"m walking to it is in a stockbroker as soon as I grow up.

41. What"s other you will not it is in doing in 10 years?Something I will not it is in doing in 10years? I"ll it is in 36 ns really hope i won"t be stressed about the idea of transforming 40. I hope that aging is no something the really freaks me out.

40. What"s the most daunting song to execute on stage and why?There"s a track I wrote referred to as "The best Day"that is around my mom, and also it"s just difficult to sing because it renders me yes, really emotional.

39. If you were not a singer, what would certainly you be doing?I might be in advertising, perhaps like comes up through slogans and also concepts — the exact same as hooks and songs.

38. What does imagination mean to you?Creativity is getting inspirationand having that lightning bolt idea moment, and also then having the difficult work ethic come sit under at the desk and also write the down.

37. What deserve to you speak in another language?I have the right to count come 10in German. <Taylor walk so.>

36. What"s her favorite beverage?Coffee, would you favor some?

Note: at this point, Vogue"s interviewer says, "Let"s see what you"ve got," in ~ which allude Taylor lists she coffee/coffee machines. However this is no a question/phrased together one also a tiny bit, so that doesn"t count!!

35. What"s your favorite cocktail?Vodka Diet Coke.

34. What"s something friend can"t do?I can"t carry out a cartwheel or a handstand.

33. What would you order at a drive-through?Cheeseburger, fries, chocolate shake.

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32. If you might teach one subject in school what would certainly it be?English.

Note: There"s one more borderline question asked here, as soon as Taylor discover a carefullystaged Scrabble board featuring a "HELLO VOGUE" message. "OK, I watch you"re a Scrabble player," that says, which is no technically a question yet Taylor walk respond, "Yeah."