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I thought that without having the intro track taking any kind of seconds far from the episode, us were bound because that a at sight 21 and also something minutes. This tales of Zestiria episode was a slow-moving but an effective crescendo: it started with part uninteresting scenes, ongoing with a few necessary explanations, and also ended through some an effective messages.

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Japanese Title: アリーシャ・ディフダ


The name of the title may allure come what the episode is about, but it might not be together clear reduced as you might think. Alisha Diphda is not simply a name, that an ideal. Too negative we only got to realize the by the finish of the episode.

Marlind is ~ above the course of cleansing. Mikleo and also Sorey are helping wash the water and the people are slowly however surely gaining rid of malevolence. I wasn’t surprised to find out that the dragon was actually the Seraph of Marlind. We currently knew that Seraphs could end up being dragons, and also we additionally knew that any type of kind of creature have the right to be tainted through malevolence. Thus, the very first half that the illustration was a small boring. Except for the beautiful animation, there was nothing necessary to note. Rose comes in town, Alisha learns that the snakes in her council space taking Ladylake come war v Rolance, Sorey is not yet fully aware what it method to wash a creature. In the meantime the assist the villagers, eat food, and also say a few uninteresting trivia around Normin Seraphs. I wish the invested the time a tiny better, since we are one episode from the last. Maybe that was exactly the factor they dragged the episode so much, yet they could have included a longer fight instead of much more peaceful, city-in-the-village scenes.

The second part though was awesome. I know a few people that would disagree v me, yet I believe that Sorey’s realization of what it means to purify and also Alisha’s speech to climbed were more than likely the best written components of the whole series. Over there is a literal definition to the location ‘Shepherd’ as it seems, since Sorey have to take the malevolence that turned people in him once he purifies them. That is something choose a savior, a herd protector, a load carrier. Alisha, top top the various other hand, is a true leader. She pole true to her ideals and also she is all set to fight and also die because that them. She is a champion the peace, and also no issue how hard Rose tries to convince her otherwise, the is Alisha’s intent to sacrifice herself that turns climbed to her side. The scene may have needed a couple of minutes more to correctly unfold, though.

Episode Highlights

Graveyard Scene: From the minute the graveyard scene starts, so does the best part of the episode. Sorey start to realize what the really way to it is in a Shepherd. The not about the fame and the straightforward tasks of helping rebuild and also purify the water. Sorey is a guide, a lonely savior that will have to bring the load of the tainted ~ above his shoulders if that wishes not to taint anyone else. The is a vessel to carry the people’s hatred. And that’s precisely what the scene is every about. The colors and the computer animation were amazing, together were the back and forths between Sorey’s scenes and also Alisha’s assault by the assassins. The music right the scenes perfectly and the voice exhilaration made me think of the truthfulness of their words.

Regardless of who is responsible because that the conflict, people whose love ones die autumn into despair. And also despair turns right into hatred

Themes & Trivia

Remedying Nature: After purifying the water, Mikleo tells Sorey that it could take a year to finish the process. I wonder how plenty of centuries would it take it for us to wash our planet from all the ‘malevolence’ we have actually tainted that with. The difficulty with person nature is that us can’t readily take a task that will not be perfect in our lifetime. Us live for the results and also we hesitate to selflessly carry out something because that others, also if it’s for our children. Possibly at some point, when the planet is in together a state that someone should do something around it, it i will not ~ be as well late. I hope it i will not ~ be also late.

Creating a brand-new environment is a large task


Of course over there isn’t sufficient time to finish the plot. The anime was not expected to it is in a full story. The was expected to be an introduction, a prelude to the game. And what a beautiful prelude the is. The backgrounds are wonderful, from illustrations to color. The details, like the carriage wheels and the rock walls space meticulously created, and also even the personality expressions are in depth.

It’s definitely not a masterpiece, yet visually it’s much better than the majority if the anime aired this season.

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And the rating is…


I think that ufotable will go complete throttle in the critical episode. It’s a rare opportunity to spend the rest of the budget plan in the awesome 3d scenes the studio is well-known for, and in an epic fight that will sell the video game like peanuts. No that the story of series is not worth it, but every little helps, i guess.