Take Me the end to the Ballgame is not just a well-loved, almost-traditional song, yet it is fun to sing and also fun come play.

Download the tune sheet music with tune lyrics, FREE!  Here is:

a Middle-C version for beginning of the person piano students, a super-easy-to-read "alphanotes" version, and a duet plan with primo and secondo.

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Please scroll down the page for the download links.

Here is an arrangement helpful for analysis music notes for beginners:


Please scroll down the web page for the download links.

Everybody seems to recognize this song, also if they never ever attend baseball games.  Your students will surely have actually heard it, and probably can even sing the take Me the end to the Ball video game song lyrics.  

It provides a great piano duet through "Oom-pah-pah" format bass and chords.  Here it is, in the key of C; it"s similar to the variation above, but set higher:


Please scroll under the web page for the download links.

Though this song is arranged because that beginners, ns can"t promise you the this version in C is at sight easy, since Take Me the end to the Ballgame is complete of skips (3rds and also 4ths) and perhaps, unfamiliar greater notes.  


Now what if you wanted to arrange your own simple chord accompaniment for, say, the much easier version in center C position of take it Me out to the Ballgame?  If you don"t recognize how, ns will display you exactly how to execute that!

Because this song has actually 3 beats per measure
, a an extremely nice accompanying chord sample is a basic "Bass note, triad, triad" pattern. (Oom-pah-pah)Things get more interesting if instead of constantly choosing the source of the chord (a G because that a G chord, because that example) on each beat 1 that the measures, friend make use of alternate notes the the chord (the third or the 5th instead of the root), especially when that note happens to it is in "on the way" come the root of the following chord.  

This is how a "walking bass" is done.  See the walking base from notes G come C, in measure up 4 the the Secondo plan above.

In the example of the Secondo, again, see just how F, the source of the F chord (line 5 measure 5) walks approximately G by stepping v an F# (the 3rd or center note of the D chord) rather of jumping down to root D and then jumping ago up to a G, which would certainly be okay, but clunky.  

This works because the in-between chord has actually that F# in it.  Sounds nice, too.  

And what around that C chord utilizing the 5th, a G bass note, instead of repeating the C root again?  

Well, it"s more interesting to have actually a different bass note rather of hitting that exact same bass keep in mind again, as soon as you uncover 2 procedures in a heat with specifically the very same chord.  Not constantly - just shot it and see just how you favor it in each case. 

The damaged chords in the critical 2 currently of the Secondo do a nice break from the break-up chord pattern, and also also aid build a small excitement coming up ~ above the end of the song.

Now, I can have created out a Secondo component for the middle C arrangement and dressed it increase a bit, however it"s nice because that piano teachers to understand exactly how to rotate anything into a piano duet.  Now go display your students.

It"s a lot prefer teaching a man to fish, versus offering him a fish!  "Give a man a fish and you"ll feed him for a day.  Teach him exactly how to fish, and you"ll feeding him for a lifetime."  Just like the fisherman, YOU deserve to teach your students exactly how to make chord backups to duet and also other melodies!

The links to the piano music:

Download take Me out to the Ballgame in middle C position

Download Ballgame tune with made-easy notes

Download basic piano duet Primo

Download piano duet Secondo


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Sylvain:I found great ideas for my etc unit on her site, as I didn"t recognize where come begin. Thanks to you i will endure my following 6 weeks.

I likewise teach choir to center school, and I love your tiny morning warmups. Looking forward to an ext of the in the future. Save up the great work, that is an extremely inspirational for us beginner teachers.

Susie:Wow! ns cannot say thanks to you enough for the free collection that piano sheet music the you created here. My daughter and I space following every little thing you wrote and also we LOVE it. It is super fun!!! She loves come play due to the fact that of her website. We have a small binder now that is slowly growing! say thanks to YOU!!!!


Do you have a funny story around this music, or go it remind you of something you"d choose to re-superstructure with various other readers? do you have actually a question? I"d love to hear it! Please keep in mind that all comments room moderated, and also will not show up until I have actually approved them. Also, IF YOU are ASKING for MUSIC that IS no IN the public DOMAIN, her REQUEST will certainly BE IGNORED. That"s nice much any music composed in the last 75 years...

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