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Take me past the outer courtAnd with the Holy Place,Past the brazen altar,Lord, I want to check out Your confront.Pass me by the crowds of world,And the clergymans who sing their praise;I hunger and also thirst for Your righteousness,But it"s only found one location. Take me right into the Divine of holies, Take me in by the blood of the Lamb; Take me right into the Holy of holies, Take the coal, cleanse my lips, here I am. Take the coal, cleanse my lips, below I am. Ты жизнь мояVamos a adorarleالدفةКак прекрасно всё то что ТвоеDoamne a Tale cuvintekdẖbwạربي سبيت قلبي بودادكКаждый день и каждый часВ тишине Твоего величияЛюбовь и силу

You have the right to check out chords and transpose if you have set the "Sexactly how Chords" setting. If tright here is sheet music you have the right to click the switch to switch to it. When the sheet music is mirroring you deserve to short press/click it to play/pausage, and also long press/best click to play from the beginning. At the peak you have the right to click via to different language versions of the song if tbelow are any kind of. You deserve to listen to the MP3s. Also, you can add this song to a set so that you have the right to usage it even more quickly during a worship time.