This song criticizes organized religion and people"s willingness to accept almost anything as fact. The lyrics detail a fad religion that everyone buys into despite its fishiness:Lie naked on the floorAnd let the messiahGo all through our souls

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The song uses heavy profanity to drive home the point that what is good and what is bad, religiously, can and often is completely opposite depending on personal beliefs.
This song had been hanging around since 1995 when SOAD started playing it live. It was included on their first album three years later, produced by Rick Rubin, who signed them. That album has a number of lyrical themes, but it"s clear the band wants us to question authority.

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Bradley from UsaI never realized the band was Christian until I heard this songBill from East CoastIn a live version before this song they say "here"s a song about absolutely nothing" because that"s what Jesus and Christianity are...made up "organized religions" or absolutely nothing.Joshua from UsaThis song is about Ishtar, the Goddess of sexuality. She is worshipped by the NWO and loved by psychic people like myself. I have experience with summoning magic and I summoned her into my body 2 years ago. She"s a very real entity. This song is about the damage that has been done to her by the current belief structure of planet earth. We say its ok for animals to have sex, but we say its wrong for people. That belief has demonized a very nice Goddess. Since using the summoning magic, I started doing exorcisms on myself and other people, and that kicked open my "door to the spirit world" and I can feel her, God and "the devil" (whatever the hell that thing is). And I always say to God, "she needs to be home in heaven". The line "I want to f--k my way into the garden" is SOAD"s way of saying the same thing. And the ending line "the falling of Christ" has to do with the simple fact that the devils trump card is sexuality and its destroying the valid teachings of Jesus. Spiderskull98 from New YorkI think it"s about sex: "lie naked on the floor."Dirtywetnapkin from Whidbey, WaDaron says, "this song is about nothing," because he just wants his music to be fun in general for fans, but this is not true. He sees humor in living the Hollywood sellout way of life, whereas Serj is very ideological minded and and included both humerous and serious critiques in his lyrics. You "I know everything about drugs, so I am as cool as SOAD and interpret them exactly right," people are completely full of s$#

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and need to f%$# off! At most this song is about a drug-fueled tantric sex orgy, and the strange "spiritual" hallucination it produced. This is the most obvious lyrical content. All you "This means this drug, that means that drug" people can go to hell with your b.s. propaganda based on your own desire to do drugs, and convincing yourself that cool bands like SOAD "have your back" for it. All of your friends are in your heads, you losers let people make their own educated decisions about drugs and alcohol please!Steve from Perth, Wa, AustraliaThis song is called Suite-Pee because System of a Down recorded some of their songs at a recording studio called "Suite-D", and it smelled of pee.Charee from Austin, Ncit"s political. The title, Suite means a company of followers and Pee (Pea)means bill, or draft of a law presented for enactment. At the beginning, he says he has an outer body experience and HER name is Jesus (Justice) and for everyone cried, everyone during this period was pleading or demanding justice. Of course, people try and die for justice. ""Crossed and terrored..." is lied to and made to fear and "ravages of architecture, lend me ty blades..." is the destructive actions of the governement (arcitechture is referred to as the style and method design and constrcution, which is basically what the government"s aim is....)To hoist around the spade is to lift up (or support)either the politian (spade means to "speak bluntly") or war (spade is also a gun trail). I"m still trying to udnerstand the lying naked on the floor part..still haven"t gotten it...and f--king your way through the garden is the same as leading up or down a garden path, or to decieve or mislead in an enticing way...just like politicians can take that or take the song as a LSD trip...LSD is known as Jesus Christ.Dale from New Orleans, LaI have a live recording of this song and before they start playing he says, "Here"s a song about absolutely nothing." Then they start playing. I seriously doubt this song is about nothing. The lyrics seem to subjective to be about nothing. He might say that so people don"t think this song is anti-religious.Robert from Tyler, TxIt is about believing false Gods"Her name was Jesus" means she is fooling people to believe herArk from Awesome, PaI think this is about taking a fad religion too seriously, or any religion. I don"t know, maybe its about the people who play god, scientists, some priests, followers, where as they can never become god, just a follower Cody from Grafton, OhThis song has absolutely nothing to do with sex...It"s a purely anti-fadreligion songChristian from Red Lion, Pathe song is called suite pee because if you call someone a suite pee it means like a good jesture the song is about sex that whores portre to people hence (i want to f--k my way to the garden) meaning that is what people think is okSlain from Nunya, VaDaron says that because they want you to take it into your own meaning, he says "This song is about nothing" before many of their songsJesus from Miami, FlThis song isnt about religion guys, suite-pee is about following someone just because you are. For example blindly following a polictician, the reason Jesus and the messiah are used are to illustrate a point about how some people follow higher-ups as if the were Jesus christ himselfJeff from Red Bank, NjDuring a live performance of this song, before playing, Daron states, "This is a song... about ab-so-lute-ly nothing!"Blake from Hamilton, OhMAYBE this is about how the "Catholic" religion accepts Mary as another Jesus hence "Her name was Jesus."Will from Sacto, CaThis is a great song. I just listened to it and it has one of the greatest guitar riffs I have ever heard. I just had to do a head-banger to that part. It is just so awesome. Amazing song. P.L.U.C.K. is still my favorite though.Aiden from Hendersen, NvSoad is not anti-religous though.Blake from Hamilton, OhFirst of all Daron sings in a lot of their songs. Shavo just does that strange scream. This song is talking about how people believe in God I think. I know I do. Anyway, does anyone know WHY this song is called "Suite Pee"?Dennis from Toledo, OhI wrote this songfact back before Mesmerize came out; I always wanted daron to sing more and it was a pity he never did. That"s what the whole comment about "few songs" is about. I always assumed the screaming was Daron, but listening to it critically it does not sound the same as his other screaming on the same album ("watch them all fall down"). Shavo may appear on a few songs, but the only reason he does backup screaming at concerts is because serj can"t doubletrack himself live, and daron can"t make it sound anything like serj.Tyler from VictoriaThough Shavo does scream in Bounce.Tyler from VictoriaShavo? I have a live video of them and Daron screams it. Maybe this concert was different and Shavo for once didn"t. I don"t know.Danny from Sydney, Australiajeez, someone got carried away when writing the lyrics on this pageLars from South Of Heaven, NmI agree with the hideous laywer from hartford CTAnother great song to play on both the guitar and drums. Perhaps the most challening one to get the lyrics down as well, I wish I could scream and yell as well as Serj. No wait I dont >Jim from Oxnard, CaAnyone know why it"s called "Suite-Pee"? Or is it just another random name they threw out on their first album like "Peephole" and "Mind"?Max from New York, NyOh no it"s not Daron screaming. Thats actually Shavo the bassist. Maybe they did it differently when they recorded it, but when they are doing it live, thats actually Shavo who does the background screaming, for all their songs in fact. Daron does the back singing which isn"t that uncommon. But when u see Shavo, then u know this is a special occasion.Gabriel Maclean from Toronto, CanadaI agree- amazing song!Amanda from Mineral Ridge, OhI agree Jim this is yet another good one.Jim from Hartford, CtI think this is one of the best songs off the first album!see more comments