Everything you should know about Sydney Sweeney consisting of her age, height, boyfriend various other tv shows, and more.

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2. Exactly how old is Sydney Sweeney?

Sydney Sweeney was born on September 12, 1997. She is 24 year old.


3. Exactly how tall is Sydney Sweeney?

Sydney Sweeney is supposedly 5 foot 3 inches tall.


4. What is Sydney Sweeney's star sign?

Sydney Sweeney's September 12th birthdate do her a Virgo. Virgos space the perfectionists of the zodiac and known for being extremely observant.


5. Whereby is Sydney Sweeney from?

Sydney Sweeney to be born and also raised in Spokane, Washington prior to her family moved come L.A. To pursue her exhilaration career.

6. Wherein did Sydney Sweeney to to college? go she have a degree?

Sydney Sweeney visited college in Los Angeles and also studied Entrepreneurship in ~ LACS. 

7. Sydney Sweeney is a trained MMA fighter

Believe it or not, Sydney Sweeney is trained in MMA fighting. She likewise competed in grappling competitions in high school. In one interview v Marie Claire, Sydney said: “I’m trained in mixed martial arts. I started once I to be 14 and also did my very first competition in ~ 18. It was a grappling competition versus all guys a load category over me, and I got first place.”

8. Go Sydney Sweeney have any siblings?

Sydney Sweeney has actually a brother called Trent Sweeney, that has also worked together an actor.

9. Sydney Sweeney dram Cassie in HBO's Euphoria

Sydney Sweeney is in HBO’s brand-new teen drama Euphoria. She dram Cassie, Rue’s former finest friend’s sister. In Euphoria, Cassie is the romantic interest of chris McKay (played by Algee Smith). She shows up in all episodes of Euphoria and will be return in season 2.

10. That did Sydney Sweeney play in Pretty little Liars season 7?

You may likewise recognise Sydney Sweeney from her role as Willa in season 7 illustration 20 of Pretty tiny Liars. Sydney theatre a college student at Rosewood high school.

11. Sydney Sweeney play Alice in spicy Objects top top HBO

Sydney Sweeney showed up in HBO’s critically acclaimed mini-series ‘Sharp Objects’ as Alice.

12. Sydney Sweeney play Emaline in everything Sucks! ~ above Netflix

There’s a good chance you will do it recognise Sydney Sweeney together Emaline indigenous ‘Everything Sucks!’ She was the romantic attention of Kate in the show’s first and just season on Netflix.

13. Sydney Sweeney appeared as Eden on The Handmaid's story season 2 on Hulu

Sydney Sweeney played Eden top top the critically acclaimed dystopian drama,‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. ~ above the show, Sydney dram the mam of Nick Blaine (played through Max Minghella).

14. What TV shows has Sydney Sweeney to be in?

As well as Euphoria and The White Lotus, Sydney Sweeney has been on shows like ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘90210’, ‘Pretty small Liars’, ‘Handmaid’s Tale’, ‘Sharp Objects’, ‘Everything Sucks’, and also more.

15. Who does Sydney Sweeney beat in when Upon A Time In Hollywood?

Sydney Sweeney plays the function of line in Quentin Tarantino's when Upon A Time... In Hollywood, a member that the Manson family who lives on Spahn ranch v the remainder of the girl who room seen in Hollywood previously in the film.

16. Sydney Sweeney dram Olivia in The White Lotus

Sydney Sweeney played the function of Olivia Mossbacher in season 1 the HBO’s The White Lotus. Olivia is the daughter of Nicole and also Mark Mossbacher that brings her girlfriend Paula along on the family trip. The series has been renewed because that a second season with an all new cast, yet characters indigenous season 1 can return. It’s not been shown if Sydney’s Olivia will be back but seeing as she was fan favourite, it’s feasible we could one day view her return.

17. Sydney Sweeney dram Pippa in The Voyeurs

Sydney Sweeney starred as Pippa in Amazon prime Video’s 2021 movie The Voyeurs, together Justice Smith together Thomas. Pippa and Thomas move into a brand-new apartment and also begin to watch the pair in the structure opposite go around their day-to-day lives, fight and have sex. The erotic thriller, which additionally stars Ben Hardy and Natasha Liu Bordizzo, hold a 46% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

18. What is Sydney Sweeney's network worth?

Sydney Sweeney’s exact net worth is not known. Some sites calculation that she is right now worth between $1 come 2 million thanks to she on-screen roles and her sponsorship deals. Intend this to rise as she continues to dominate Hollywood and secure much more brand deals.

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19. That plays Eva in Night teeth on Netflix?

Sydney Sweeney is set to star in Netflix’s new vampire movie Night this alongside Megan Fox, Debby Ryan, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Alfie Allen, Lucy Fry and Alexander Ludwig. Sydney will play the role of Eva, yet not much has actually been disclosed about her character just yet other than the truth that Eva is a warm vampire.

21. That is Sydney Sweeney's boyfriend? who is she dating?

Sydney Sweeney is reportedly dating restaurant owner and heir come Pompei pizza company, Jonathan Davino. Return the pair have actually been papped out and also about, Sydney prefers to save her connection with Jonathan turn off social media.