Sydney’s yearly New Year’s Eve party is as famed almost everywhere the civilization as Sydney itself. Putting on among the ideal NYE firefunctions display screens in the civilization, New Year’s Eve on the Sydney Harbour Bridge is Australia’s variation of New York’s Times Square sphere drop. With a new layout each year, more than 1 billion world consider the spectacle THE method to celebprice December 31. With even more than 1.6 million spectators on the Harbour together with 2.3 million civilization all over Australia and also millions even more everywhere the world, TV broadcasts, radio simulcasts and live streaming online help make this the party of the year.

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Fun for the entirety family, this New Year’s Eve party kicks off at 6pm via a thrilling aerial screen by the masterful flying aces. Come 7pm a simple tug watercraft takes centre stage with a stunning water screen before an encore aerial performance at 8pm signals the last curtain contact for the flying aces. The traditional Welcome to Counattempt ceremony complies with, marking our respect for the heritage and society of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, a moving ritual for all Australians.

At 9pm the first firefunctions display screen of the night lights up the sky for the smaller sized spectators that won’t make it to midnight. The household firefunctions shower the Sydney Harbour and also Bridge via colourful explosions firing from the iconic attractions themselves and 4 barges floating on the water listed below. The Harbour of Light Parade then illuminates the renowned body of water with 60 ships all decked out in dazzling lights, enchanting spectators of all ages as they percreate distinct choreography glowing throughout the water.


It’s then the minute we’ve all be waiting for, the main occasion, the Midnight Firefunctions Display. As the clock strikes midnight, we’ll welcome in the New Year via a spectacular extravaganza of exploding pyrotechnic results that light up the night skies for a stunning 12 minute display screen. With firing points all roughly the harbour, it doesn’t issue where your vantage suggest is, you’ll be treated to an tremendous show.

With millions supposed at the celebrations at the harbour, we recommend claiming your spot at one of the recommfinished vantage points beforehand in the afternoon to encertain you don’t miss out. Tright here are vantage points across the Harbour including Bradleys Head, Campbells Cove, Darling Harbour, East Circular Quay, Lookes Avenue Reserve, Mrs Macquaries Point, Observatory Hill Park, Pyrmont Bay Park, Royal Botanic Gardens, Rushcutters Bay Park, Sydney Opera Housage and also The Rocks. Wherever you pick to sign up with the party be sure to tune into the synchronised simulactors on 106.5 KIIS FM or livestream from ABC TV, YouTube and the official Sydney New Year’s Eve webwebsite.

Tright here will certainly additionally be added public transport solutions in place to aid the objectives of spectators to relocate safely roughly the city, but crowds are to be expected so arrive beforehand to protect against disappointment.

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Whether you’re lucky sufficient to be joining the celebrations in Sydney or will be tuning in from somewhere else, there’s no better method to watch in the New Year than through the iconic Sydney Harbour NYE extravaganza.