q. And so the electrical area is force separated by q. So that's two times ten to the minus five newlots split by 1.75 times ten to the minus 6 Coulombs providing us an electric field of 11.4 newtons per Coulomb and also that is downwards.">

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This is College Physics Answers through Shaun Dychko. What electrical field perform we require such that tbelow is a 2.00 times ten to the minus 5 Newton pressure upwards on a charge of negative 1.75 micro Coulombs. Well to have actually a pressure upwards on a negative charge, there requirements to be an electric fields downwards. So already we have actually figured that part of the direction. And to figure out the magnitude of the electrical area, we recognize that the electrostatic pressure is going to be the electric field multiplied by the charge. And then we can fix for the electrical field by dividing both sides by q. And so the electrical area is pressure separated by q. So that"s two times ten to the minus 5 newlots divided by 1.75 times ten to the minus six Coulombs providing us an electrical field of 11.4 newloads per Coulomb and also that is downwards.

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If tright here was a downward force on the negative charge, would it be safe to assume that the area is in the upward direction?