The bay Area sure knows exactly how to party

As thousands piled into the stadium prepared for a revolve up before the NFL’s huge game. Opening up because that this year Super Bowl and also Northern California festival season was SuperCity 50. This 1-day electronic music festival lugged to friend by just Area clip World city Inc. And also Midnite events rocked the Oakland Coliseum to its core v bass. Discovering this was the very first time they to be doing together a large event, I got in it without any expectations and also was gratuitously surprised by the revolve out. Tickets available for the festival had floor, bowl, and also VIP tickets. Floor had accessibility to both bowl and floor, wherein bowl was locked right into the seating area, and also VIP had accessibility to both floor, bowl, and a VIP lounge which likewise included an express entrance and also goodie bags.

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Gracing the key stage to be marquee name Showtek, Diplo, Chromeo, Alesso, The Chainsmokers, Chuckie, Alexx Adam and K Theory to surname a few. They had actually the party bumping all throughout the day and also into the night. Whispers to be going around about who would make special appearances at this festival, as part heard that Diplo would lug Skrillex, DJ Snake, or Biebs come the show, however instead we obtained E-40 the end in Oakland obtaining a lil hyphy v the rest of the just Area peeps come close out his set. T.I. was likewise in attendance yet just together a guest. And last, Alesso closed out through a classic huge room residence set, making it hard to leave at 10 pm together we wanted to party on more tough (thank God because that after parties).

With the an excellent comes the negative as supervisor City didn’t walk off without a hitch. There to be a couple of problems such together disorganization and also “false advertising”. Countless who bought right into the VIP tickets did not get

what they had actually paid for. The “red carpet” suffer at the VIP entrance did not happen, gift bags ran out, the line shut under making the VIP line move to the GA entrance, and the lounge was a 100% disappointment as you can not watch the main stage from it and also overcrowded. The gift bags the were supposed to incorporate exclusive merchandising from artists was simply a light up wristbands which castle ran the end of.

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Besides the problems with Ticket Galaxy and also their VIP accommodation, the show lugged itself through the music. It to be so wild the one fan even switched come his date of birth suit together he wrestled through security. As intended a statement to be released on their facebook page worrying some hiccups however let’s lug on folks as their Summer Festival should outdo Super City 50.