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"Suicide Is Badass" is a memorable quote from American TV series It"s Always Sunny in Philadelphia said by character Frank Reynolds. Online, a captioned image based on the scene has been circulated as a macro and a reaction.


On October 2nd, 2013, episode five "Mac Day" of American TV series "It"s Always Sunny in Philadelphia" premiered in the United States.<1> In one scene of the episode, character Frank Reynolds, portrayed by Denny DeVito, comments that "suicide is badass."

But it looks like he may commit suicide! Suicide is badass!


On November 25th, 2014, Reddit user SkyGuy9 posted a series of captioned stills from the episode to /r/IASIP subreddit, gaining over 430 upvotes in five years.<2>

On February 22nd and April 5th, 2016, YouTube channels Frank Reynolds<3> and KneeSlapperTV<4> uploaded clips of the scene to the platform, with the videos gaining over 525,000 and 620,000 views in three years, respectively. In April 2016, the video gained popularity with Coub users, with multiple edits based on the clips uploaded in the following month.<5><6>

Through 2016, the image has seen limited use online. For example, on August 1st, 2016, Facebook group Mr. Skeltal 2: The Revenge of the Bones used the image in a meme which gained over 83 likes in three years (shown below).<7>


In mid-November 2016. At that time, an unknown user used the macro in combination with an earlier tweet by user
RespekMyAt_. In the following months, the meme was widely circulated online, with reposts appearing on Hugelol,<8> Facebook,<9> Instagram,<10> Reddit<11> and other platforms.


In the following years, the image macro saw moderate use online, with multiple notable examples posted to Reddit and other platforms.





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