Learn how to readjust your appearance and also tailor garments to prepare for the Fashion show in the autumn of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.

The Fashion contest is ago again inStory of Seasons: Trio the Towns. To prepare, you"ll it is in making clothto continue clothes, visiting the hairdresser, and tweaking your general appearance through the Lulukoko guardian spirit.

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Okay so perhaps the last two have tiny to no effect on the contest, yet they"re tho integral for the fashion aware of united state out there. After all, who wants to cosplay as Princess Peach v blue hair? (...On second thought, don"t price that.)

How come Tailor apparel inStory the Seasons: Trio that Towns

Before you have the right to even start tailoring clothes, girlfriend must very first upgrade your residence to obtain a suitable closet. After you unlock Lulukoko halfway with your an initial Spring, you can stop through the Jack-of-all-Trades Shop through the required lumber from Westown"s material Shop to upgrade her house. Very sewing the first upgrade is relatively cheap, therefore you deserve to easily accomplish this well prior to you unlock Tsuyukusa and the apparel tailoring tutorial.

As soon as girlfriend upgrade your house, Miranda at the general Store in Westown and also Ludus in ~ the Jack-of-all-Trades shop in Lulukoko start offering their tailoring services, each v their unique social styles. However, friend can"t simply buy the apparel out that pocket, you additionally have to sell the ideal cloth.

Cloth is not straightforward to get a organize of at an early stage on. In ~ this point, it"s a great idea to focus on structure a enlarge barn for this reason you deserve to buy Sheep and start sheering them v the Clippers tool. Be on the lookout because that Suffolk, Alpaca, and also Angora, among other animals, and pick them up early. Examine out our Beginner"s Guide and also Daily Routine guide for advice on taking care of livestock.

You"ll desire to build up her stock of structure for when you eventually construct the Textile Mill at the Jack-of-all-Trades shop. In ~ the Textile Mill, you have the right to take the structure you gathered and also turn it into cloth. You can additionally use things favor berries and flowers to dye the cloth.

Check the tailoring shops in each city to recognize what you desire to make and focus on make the cloth needed for it first. when you have actually your cloth, head right into town and also make the order. It will certainly take castle a day to tailor the so make certain you come ago the following day and also pick that up.

How to change Your Hair and Appearance

Sometime after girlfriend unlock Tsuyukusa in the at an early stage Summer, you"ll wake up one morning to be presented to Saku, the Hairdresser. She can change your hairstyle and hair color for a small fee, and also she stays open much later on than various other Tsuyukusa shops.

Eventually, you"ll have actually been introduced to Lulukoko"s guardian spirit, Witchie, who provides to change your illustration if you organize a indigenous Lulukoko crop and give it to her. She has actually the strength to change the color of your Skin, the look at of her Face, and also the shade of her Eyes.

Fashion reflects inStory of Seasons: Trio that Towns

Fashion Contests come roughly once a year on loss 22nd. Like other festivals, it"s sectioned turn off by endure level. The Beginner classification doesn"t have actually a design template so feel complimentary to slap every little thing you desire to your first Fashion Contest. I won the by attract a an easy kimono and also some blue glasses.

Beyond your an initial year, MC will certainly visit you the morning that Fall second and tell you around the contest themes for the season, consisting of the Fashion Festival. Make note of the theme and work in the direction of making as numerous different outfits together you have the right to with that layout in mind.

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When you reach the work of the festival, save your game by your closet before entering. If girlfriend don"t win, take keep in mind of the winner"s outfit and also see if friend can enhance it. If girlfriend can"t, shot again with another outfit and continue to examine the competition.

That"s whatever a budding fashionista requirements to know about making clothes and also winning in Fashion Contests. Examine out our Crops and Animals Guideand cooking Exhibition overview if you"re looking to gain into those contests, too!