My husband and also teen child play therefore much video clip games the I even make fun of exactly how their fingers or hands will certainly cramp up! They simply shoo me away. Video clip games are their passion and also so I would certainly love to acquire them presents that will help them play far better or at least something they would certainly like! Finding lock stocking stuffers are tough anyways, yet KontrolFreek Gaming Accessories has actually my back! check out what I’ll be putting in my guys stocking this year.

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KontrolFreek, is agaming accessories companythat markets cutting edge thumbsticks and also grips because that controllers the XBOXONE and PS4. Assets are draft to enhance the gaming experience by boosting performance while reducing fatigue.Two of their favorite new products would be perfect because that the gamers ~ above the gift list that love playingCall of Duty especially. And, they room both under $20 and widely easily accessible at Gamestop, so perfectholidaystocking stuffers.

Revive! is the 2nd thumbstick in the extremely limited edition Perk-a-Cola collection after last year’s Jugger-Nog. It was occurred in collaboration with contact of Duty to accomplish the specific demands of call of Duty: Zombies and built to take care of the intense hand-to-hand combat common of the franchise. Based on the Perk-a-Cola soda bottle cap fromZombies, Revive! attributes a vintage blue color and also a highly comprehensive rendering that the iconic beverage’s logo stamped on our proprietary rubber pad. The laser-etched artwork and also fluted party cap shape administer solid grip and also comfort because that long-lasting zombie survival. The 5.7mm the height included by Revive! create a practically seamless feel for those looking for far-reaching results yet prefer less adjustment time.

Works fine in this games: speak to of Duty Zombies, grand Theft Auto V, Minecraft, resident Evil, H1Z1 King the the Hill

MSRP: $17.99


Pro fill Plus Vortex (Only accessible at GameStop)

Dominate the battlefield, fend turn off foes and also vanquish villains quickly by including these KontrolFreek Grips and also FPS Freek Vortex thumbsticks to your controller. Plus, easily lug or save two sets of thumbsticks v the new KontrolFreek transporting case.

KontrolFreek Gripsutilize a moisture-wicking mix of progressed proprietary products to attain enhanced grip and comfort. The honeycomb-stamped polymer external layer maximizes tight while optimizing air flow to store hands cool. The foam cushioning layer creates a feel lot like thick memory foam, conforming to her palm and providing an ext support and comfort the harder you game. Grips room antimicrobial, resistant come oil, grease, and also water, and also are latex, PVC and also VOC free. They deserve to be applied multiple times and repositioned easily without peeling or leaving a sticky residue.
FPS Freek Vortexcombines one high-rise stick because that precision and one mid-rise stick for added grip and comfort. Perfect for very first person shooter games.

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KontrolFreek transporting Caseis an excellent option because that storing up to two sets that thumbsticks as soon as they aren’t in use. Or, quickly take your thumbsticks ~ above the go to guarantee you’re totally equipped once playing at a friend’s house.

My husband and son loved the GRIPS therefore much and also kept telling me say thanks to YOU! ns asked if the thumbsticks helped and also my son stated they help a lot when he is shoot a gun or the basketball. So the is exorbitant it deserve to be provided for shooting and also sports games. Those space his favorite games to play…not mine favorite however I’m the Mom and also what ns think doesn’t typical much when it comes to video clip Games. If you have actually gamers in the house, thenKontrolFreekis what you need to acquire them! girlfriend can discover at video game Stop!