Exquisitely tailored, folio-style carry case and also stand because that Apple iPad air 2Clear back good for adding personal images, scanning barcode or allowing machine to bright throughBacked by STM"s no-hassle guarantee for total peace of mind

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STM Dux situation for iPad air 2

Protective folio-style case and stand v clear back

Description: The Dux provides best-in-class defense for her iPad waiting 2 with a patented magnetic closure, tough, reinforced corners and ago panel to defend from inadvertent drops. Designed through input native educators, us made certain the Dux have the right to withstand the distinctive rigors that a classroom environment.


Super safety rubberized polycarbonate human body for even the many accident proneTransparent back lets friend see and / or scan asset tags, photos, labels, etc placed insideDurable and also water resistant polyurethane cover to ward turn off an sometimes drip or spillPatent pending magnetic closure for simple fold right into the perfect typing or the town hall positionInstant on/off sheathe wakes and also sleeps the device, saving battery lifeTested to meet or exceed us Dept. Of Defense standard 810F/G protocolsSurvives excessive drop check at 6.6 feet or 200 cmDesigned to fit and protect apologize iPad wait 2

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Material:Polycarbonate/TPULining:Microsuede PolyesterDimensions:23.87x16.76x0.73cm / 9.4x6.6x0.29inWeight:0.66 lbs / 0.3 kgColors:Black, RedFits:Apple iPad waiting 2Origin:Designed in Australia, Assy in China
Model/Colorcarolannpeacock.com SKUManufacturer SKUUPC

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