View Quote Tulio: All best. In the dead of night, you and also I grab some provisions, hijack one of those... longwatercrafts... and then, we... row ago to Spain favor there"s no manana!Miguel: Back to Spain, yeah?Tulio: Yeah.

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Miguel: In... a rowboat.Tulio: Yeah!Miguel: Great. Sensational. And that"s your arrangement, is it?Tulio: That"s... pretty a lot it.Miguel: Well, I like it! So, how do we obtain on deck?Tulio: In the dead of night, you and I grab some provisions, hijack one of those... longboats...
View Quote Cortes:
My crew was as closely preferred as the disciples of Christ, and also I will not toleprice stowamethods. You will certainly be flogged. And as soon as we put into Cuba to re-supply, God willing, you will certainly be flogged some even more. And then enslaved on the sugar plantations for the rest of your miserable stays.
View Quote Tulio: Stop! This is not a correct tribute!Tzekel-Kan: You perform not want the tribute?Miguel: No no, we desire tribute. It"s simply that, um... Tulio, tell him.Tulio: The stars are not in place for this tribute!Miguel: Like he said! Stars! … Can"t carry out it… Not now.
View Quote Miguel:
Hey, look on the positive side! At leastern things can not get-- Tulio: Excuse me, were you about to say "worse?" Huh?Miguel: No.Tulio: No?Miguel: No. Absolutely. I"ve revised that whole… point.
View Quote Tulio:
Well, it was nice working through you, partner.Miguel: Tulio, I simply want you to recognize... I"m sorry around that girl in Barcelona.Tulio: Sor-- you-- you…
View Quote Miguel:
Altivo! Hey, Altivo! You desire the nice apple? Come and also acquire it! But, you need to carry out a trick for me first! All you have to do, is discover a pry bar. It"s a lengthy item of iron via a hooky point at the end.Tulio: Miguel, you"re talking to a horse!Miguel: Yes, that"s it Altivo. Find the pry bar!Tulio: Yes, "uncover the pry bar". He doesn"t understand "pry bar"! He"s a dumb equine, there"s no method he can understand also...Tulio: Well... it"s not a pry bar.
View Quote Chel:
Go ahead. I"ll cover for you.Miguel: Oh, yeah, thanks. So, what taken place to Altivo? Chel: I dunno.Tulio: Hey, what happened to Miguel?Chel: I dunno.

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Tulio: Oh my God, he"s gone! He"s loose! What am I gonna do?!
View Quote Miguel:
You issue also much.Tulio: No, I concern precisely the best amount. You can never before concern too much!
View Quote Chel: The High Priest? What"s he gonna think if he finds among the gods favor this via me?Tulio: Uh, "Lucky God"?
View Quote Chel:
Oh, then I suppose you"ll be wanting these back? Tulio: Hey... how"d you acquire those?Miguel: Wright here was she keeping them?