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The latest "Love Nikki" Star Secrets Event is here! Check out our complete overview to each 2v2 phase fight plus details on suits and even more, right here.

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Love Nikki Dress Up Queen"s 3rd Star Secret occasion has arrived! With it comes the 4 previously featured suits as well as two brand-new "Rablittle bit of Room Sun" and also "Deer of Net Moon" suits. These suits come with brand-new makeup sets and also several animated background pieces and accessories. The event kicks off Saturday, Aug. 4 and also runs through Friday, Aug. 10. To aid you make the a lot of of the Star Secret event, we"ve put together a finish overview including tips for winning 2v2 battles and also the expense of each suit. Running parallel to Star Secret is a Mind Code Stamina event and also numerous top-up specials as well. Details on those events and attributes deserve to be uncovered below.

"Love Nikki" Star Secret III Event Guide: How 2v2 Battles Work


Star Secrets 3 event consists of 2 brand-new suits.ELEXThe latest Love Nikki occasion takes place in the Star Realm. The event is equivalent to June"s Night Castle event wright here players participate in styling phase battles to earn Star Stones they redeem for suit pieces. These battles will certainly usage themes comparable to those discovered in the Stylist Arena. The main difference is that these battles will certainly be 2v2.

When you start a phase you"ll be automatically assigned a companion. If you aren"t satisfied through your partner"s collection portion, you can tap on the "Change" button beside your partner"s name. You"ll be taken to a display screen via 6 potential partners to select from. Once you"ve preferred a partner you"ll then be assigned an enemy. You"ll each put together the finest outfit you have the right to to meet the theme demands. Your scores will be linked and the team with the greatest score will certainly win the match.

Players will get 5 Star Stones for each victory and three Star Stones for losses. Players deserve to get involved in 5 cost-free battles per day yielding approximately 25 totally free Star Stones per day. More battles will expense 24 diamonds each.

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Here is the breakdown of each event suit price. The price will vary depending on just how might free diamonds you earn throughout the event:

New Suits

Rabbit of Room Sun: 371 Stones = 960-1,800 DiamondsDeer of Net Moon: 443 Stones = 1,296-2,136 DiamondsBoth New Suits: 814 Star Stones = 3,072 Diamonds

Past Suits

Earth Bat of Girl: 443 Stones = 1,296-2,136 DiamondsFire Tiger of Tail: 371 Stones = 960-1,800 DiamondsMoon Vixen: 433 Stones = 1,296-2,136 DiamondsGolden Dragon: 371 Stones = 960-1,800 Diamonds

Star Secret Daily Battle Guide: Tips For Getting High Scores On Eincredibly Stage Of The 2v2 Event


Players will be teamed via a companion for Star Secrets phase battles.ELEXEach day, occasion stage battles will certainly have a different design template and also styling requirements. Here are tips for putting together the ideal outfits for each battle.