When we think of spending plan guitars, Squier constantly comes to mind. Squier by Fender is just one of the monarchs of entry-level guitars, as they develop instruments with the wonderful Fender bodies and fits them with high quality electronics and pickups.

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With great values in design, sound, and also body, you have the right to go wrong with the Squier cartridge Stratocaster if you’re looking for an entry-level guitar.

In fact, I think about this as the quintessential guitar for beginners. World highly for this instrument because that its tone, lull of use, lightweight, and also versatility.

Let’s take it a look at the attributes of this ax and see why this is such a great guitar because that amateur etc players and also kids.

Keep in mind Squier by Fender has 7 various lineups, one of which is the Vintage modified series. Now, we’re also reviewing the whole Squier cartridge series.


Squier bullet Stratocaster Review

Fender Squier constructed the bullet Stratocaster through beginners in mind. Hence, this is an affordable, versatile, light, simple, and stylish instrument.

The cartridge Strat tote the standard looks the the American Stratocaster guitars, which are among the most famous guitars of every time, ideal there v the legend Gibson Les Paul series.

Highlights that this piece include a thin lightweight body, a C-shaped neck file that’s easy to play, 3 single-coil pickups, a 5-way switch, and also a bridge tremolo.

Let’s break it down…

Stratocaster guitars have actually existed because the mid-’50s. Fender debuted these tools right after ~ the Telecaster model.

Additional info

Tonewoods: basswood because that the body, maple for the neck, rosewood for the fretboard;Neck: C-shaped neck;Scale: medium-scale guitar (25’5’’);Fingerboard: 21 medium-jumbo frets, 9.5’’ fretboard radius;Pickup configuration: SSS;Controls: understand Volume, tone 1 (neck pickup), and also Tone 2 (middle pickup); to add a 5-way switch.Strings: Fender USA 250L Nickel Plated Steel.

In summary…

The main thing guiding you to buy this etc could really well be just how affordable the is. As you’ve seen, the Squier cartridge Stratocaster provides you a good bargain for its playability, appearance, and also sound.

While it has actually some limitations about buzz noises and also tone, the going to be really complicated to beat the price of this guitar, unless it’s for my personal favorite, the Squier Vintage modified Jaguar (however this guitar still sells for a higher price and also its harder come play).

I have the right to say the bullet Strat has a great value the won’t call for you to spend your savings. And you will obtain great, easy playing experiences v some pretty extras (like the tremolo bridge) to start your music journey.

Furthermore, you can use this together a back-up model you deserve to modify or update with, for example, brand-new pickups. Because that instance, if you install a couple of Gibson humbuckers ~ above the cartridge Strat, you’ll get rid of the buzz noises and obtain a much powerful guitar with practically professional sound.

Here’s an exciting tip: countless professionals have invested in the Squier Bullet series so they have the right to smash the in public because that a ripping show. For this reason that way it has a good enough tone to pat live and, if you have the money and also the guts, the cheap enough to damage on the stage and also impress the fans.

In summary, I deserve to say the Squier cartridge Stratocaster was constructed with a single purpose: to be a beginner’s guitar. That shortlist of restrictions won’t it is in even vital for a beginner etc player, much less for children.

Instead, civilization looking for a first guitar will uncover a reliable different they can prosper with the bullet Stratocaster.

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I’m share an Amazon bundle that ships with a take trip bag, a guitar lesson DVD, a collection of etc picks, and also a tuner that can assist you song the strings on your own for the first time.